Biden Pleads for Regime Change in Russia

The President commits a Kinsley gaffe.

Bob Beckel, 1948-2022

The Democratic strategist and longtime talking head is gone at 73.

Are Our Critics and Commentators too White?

Should the pundit class look more like America?

Kevin Williamson and the Limits of Polite Discourse

The Atlantic fired one of their few conservative voices for saying women who have abortions should be hanged. Was this beyond the pale?

Crossfire Canceled Again

CNN’s effort to bring back a show that had outlived its prime years ago has, predictably, failed.

Time To Get Rid Of The Star Spangled Banner?

After 200 years, Francis Scott Key’s most famous work may have outlived its usefulness..

Crossfire Returns with New Hosts

CNN is reviving the Crossfire shoutfest with Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Stephanie Cutter, and Van Jones as hosts.


Michael Kinsley contends “Being against marriage equality doesn’t make you a monster.”

Obama, Romney, And The Phony Focus On Offshoring

The Obama campaign’s focus on Mitt Romney’s alleged involvement in moving companies overseas is entirely phony.

Citizens United Was About Freedom Of Speech, Not “Corporate Rights.”

Opponents of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United continue to miss the point of what the case was really about.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

Some Political Science on Obese Candidates

Some actual political science suggests that being an overweight male candidate may not be a negative for voters.

Chris Christie And Other Weighty Issues

Chris Christie’s weight has become a political concern, apparently.

Mubarak Out? Yes, But Not Necessarily Right Away

Hosni Mubarak may hang on to some semblance of power longer than many expected in the middle of last weeks chaos, mostly because there are few other alternatives right now.

Publishing Title Inflation

Bill Jacobson and Glenn Reynolds seem to be overly amused that Conor Friedersdorf has the title of “senior editor” over at Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

Mosque Opponents: Bigots, Opportunists, and Krauthammer

The only reasons Michael Kinsley can conjure for opposing the Park51 project are bigotry and political opportunism. Unless you’re a really smart columnist.

“Crossfire” by a Different Name

CNN is launching a debate program featuring one host from the Left and another from the Right. Why not call it “Crossfire”?

Risk Assessment

It’s Not Apartheid

Plame Game Recap

To Hell With Values