Danish Newspaper Apologizes for Muslim Cartoons

The Danish government and a leading newspaper are apologizing to Muslims who have been offended by editorial cartoons published in said newspaper that imply that some Muslims are violent.

Aljazeera reports it this way:

Denmark has warned its citizens to avoid Saudi Arabia after Muslim fury mounted over newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which published the cartoons, issued an apology late on Monday in a statement to Arab countries, sent to the Jordanian news agency Petra.

The drawings, which seemed to portray the prophet as a terrorist, were published in September, but the row erupted this month after diplomatic efforts to solve the issue failed. One drawing shows Prophet Muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb.

Muslims deem images of prophets disrespectful and caricatures blasphemous, and some have threatened Danes and demanded an apology.

The newspaper said in a statement: “The drawings are not against the Danish law but have indisputably insulted many Muslims, for which we shall apologise.”

Michelle Malkin
, Mark Moore, Gaijin Biker, and others have reproduced the images.

My favorite two are these:

Danish cartoon Muslims out of virgins Danish cartoon Muslims mohammed with bomb

The irony is that the protestors aren’t just mad at the suggestion that Mohammed, who supported murder as a political tool, would support the terrorists. They’re mad that Mohammed is in a cartoon, period.

Not to mention the fact that they are rioting to demonstrate how peaceful they are.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Alexandra says:

    All Things Beautiful TrackBack Take A Walk On The Wild Side

  2. Ahmed Ayad says:

    This is so pathetic and unrespectful. This is not funny; it reflects the foolishness and barbarian of the one(s) who draw it.
    Islam is not a joke neither the prophet. Be careful Muslims anger and no one could blame them.

  3. John Cord says:

    Be careful of Muslum anger? Are you kidding! If the Islamic people can’t take a joke, then they better leave civilizied society and go the their virgins in the sky. The dirty sex starved wankers!

  4. Ed says:

    If this was a cartoon that depicted someone of Jewish faith depicted in an editorial cartoon, the world would be screaming “anti-Semitism” and would demand an apology to all of Judaism. Yet Muslims are expected to “take a joke”. Why the double standard? It is the height of hypocrisy to disrespect Islam in this way. For the record, I am a Catholic by birth, and have no particular allegiance to either Islam or Judaism.

  5. Confused says:

    Interesting that there are now threats to “bomb” the people that belong to the same countries that ran the cartoons. Like they had anything to do with it! I agree with John, if it bothers you complain peacefully or just grow up and stop acting like a three year old that doesnt get everything their way.

    I think its the underlying truth of the cartoon that causes so much pain among truly peaceful Muslims.

  6. Darren says:

    the beauty of the whole uproar is, all believers are wrong, so nothing can be sacred. Billions of beleivers are so wrong, and yet they ignore the really powerful issues in this world to riot and demonstrate over so-called sacred images and sacred spaces.

  7. Adam says:

    The people that created the cartoons, did so in a way to incite violence, and anger. This is not “Freedom of Speech”, rather this is Hate Mongoring, and cultural terrorism. May God forgive them for insulting the prophet and the religion.

  8. Maddy says:

    As an American Muslim, I’m disgusted at the short sightedness and lack of respect from the cartoonist. We should be mindful of other cultures and their figures whether its Muhammed Jesus Buddah etc.


  9. Alistair says:

    Muslims think they are above everyone else. If there was a joke about a christian or any other religion everyone would laugh and life would go on. There are jokes about blacks, whites, fat people.. ect. But Muslim people are short sighted an think they are all high and mighty when the truth is they need to wake up to life and get with the times.

  10. Idris says:

    This is absulutly shamefull to the EU.Freedom of speech? what a nonesense. You have no right to insult other peoples religions.the danish press and their government should sanctioned.

  11. Panna says:

    What I don’t understand is how can you protest against these images by theatening violence to the countries that published them, surely your then confirming the stereotype conveyed in the images! Also why is it OK for Muslim leaders to insult other cultures (Iranian leaders comments about Isreal) this is much more dangerous than a cartoon! This is freedom of speech, the images are showing what most people think of muslims, sorry but the rest of the world can’t understand your religion when cities are bombed in the name of Islam and Jihad, muslims need to denounce all the dogma and rhetoric of extremism and embrace parts of their religion that are inclusive and peacful like the Sufis!
    I think it’s good that art can still evoke passion and debate though!

  12. Panna says:

    Oh and by the way the Image with the turban looks like a sikh man! Obviously not well researched by the illustrator and makes this whole farce even funnier!

  13. Ron says:

    Everyone is jumping on the freedom of speech bandwagon but what this issue comes down to is that the cartoons are obviously offensive which any editor with half a brain would have realized. So what was the point in publishing them other than to cause offense and raise newspaper circulation? If people had some tolerance and did not blow this out of all proportions, these cartoons would not be a world-wide story. Some Muslims just need to chill.

  14. jake says:

    i find the whole thing a joke, just a shame muslims don’t.

    watch how muslims react to these cartoons… and confirm everything they say Muslims are not about. total irony and contraditction in one go.

    well done flag burning muslims! you’ve confirmed everything we already thought of you.

  15. Daz says:

    Mad muslims

    Don’t ya just love em. Completely insane and will one day take over the world.

    Allahu Akbar, wasn’t he in Return of the Jedi ???

  16. Thomas says:

    Has anyone actually LOOKED at the cartoon with Muhammad? As I read it, the man in the cartoon is NOT the prophet, but a generic Muslim. The point of the cartoon is to ask whether Muhammad would support terrorism and, more specifically, nuclear/radiological terrorism. I am sure the whole Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons issue is in there too. Seems to me people are missing the point entirely.

  17. James says:

    Muslims are wonderful people as a whole so are catholics. Catholics aren’t trying to destroy and turn back the clock a 1000 years. Islamic Mulas are insiting mindless fanatics in the name of God. History teaches us of the Muslim way. Die or accept the Muslim religion. Your choice. God save us all.

  18. Milena says:

    Well – if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

    What are they so mad about – stop blowing people up!

  19. Mohamma Mad Mark says:

    Alright the Kuran says it is blasphemy to depict the Prophet. Where is it written that blasphemy must be avenged? I must have missed that chapter. Oh, here it is in the chapter entitled “Truck Bombs” and the subtitle “Killeth Thy Jew”

    Give me a break.

  20. Jonathan S. says:

    “No right to insult”? Freedom of speech includes the right to insult and/or taunt any person or group. Your God doesn’t need your protection – only the worldly establishment of religion has anything to fear. And where do Muslims get off telling non-Muslims to obey their religious laws? If you’re Christian, and you consider homosexuality immoral, then go talk to homosexual Christians about it. Those who do not follow your faith should not have to suffer your dogma.

  21. James says:

    From what I can see the cartoon is not that bad..But there are a few mistakes.. First off Mohhamed (Or whatever his name is) doesn’t have the Horns on his head like he should. The poor suckers that are offended by the cartoon are probably pissed because they probably realize now that they’re not going to meet mohammed in the promised land but rather they will Covet with Beelzebub In HeLL instead.
    I say PUBLISH the cartoon everywhere..Piss these cameljockies off as much as possible..come out from under the rocks that you hide..

  22. James says:

    IMAGINE theres no religion. God is with us always, religion is a control mechanism. Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country that can discuss anything. Want to join the muslims? You can or be critical about them,you can. Try that in any Muslim country you can’t. God help us.

  23. AL B says:


  24. AntiMuslin@yahoo.com says:

    I think the Muslims should all gather together for a ceremonial bombing of each other. That’s one way to stop the suicide bombings.

  25. David says:

    You should not make fun of the muslim religion. Why stop there when there are Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and lots of other ignorant bastards around. All extremists are the same.

  26. John says:


    Muslims are losers. It’s my freedom to say that. You can say bad things about me, too. But there are no rights which allow you to bomb me because you disagree with me. This is why I will never support Muslim countries. They want the right to do what they want, but they will not extend that right to you. What losers.

  27. PissOnMuslims says:

    All I can say is that’s funny! Stop we ran out of virgins! Where were they getting them anyway?

  28. SHAY says:

    Its really sad to see how many people have already stereo typed islam, and how ignorant the world have become, due to constant brain washing by the media, convincing the people of how dangerous islam and muslims around the world can be. as an educated, and well brought up muslim, i certainly dont think or act like a terroist, nor do i go around insulting and offending other religeons only because i was brought up to respect other religions, not insult them

  29. SHAY says:

    another thing people were saying, how muslims dont take a joke and think they are better then anyone. its not true, i mean, we’ve been critizied and stereotyped since the begining of civilization. its always that image of a camel shown around the world as a logo of the world of islam. well if people didnt have to be so ignorant and would pay more attention to whats really going on around the world, u would kno how addavnced the world id over there, and how countries are made of more then camels and deserts.

  30. Syed Masud ul Hassan says:

    This is time where all muslim living in eu, america etc have to decide what these so called civilised countries think of you. And muslim all over the world now have to setoff their differences and unite to fight against this type of media war.

  31. Anna Nimus says:


    The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were all fake!

    Those hijacked aeroplane flights never existed.
    World Trade Centre Buildings 1, 2 and 7, even
    part of the Pentagon were all blown up with
    controlled demoliton charges.

    Look at the evidence…




    Those stupid anti-muslim cartoons were simply
    designed by a completely BRAINWASHED TV-addicted
    idiots who believe everything that the American
    and British governments have been saying about
    this “War on Terror”…

    If muslims are terrorists, then who are the ones
    doing all the pre-emptive military invasions and
    long-term occupations of Arab/Middle-Eastern
    countries, just for the sake of stealing OIL???
    Who are the ones performing torture on civilians,
    and burning them alive with white phosphorous
    M77 incendiary bombs, which burns flesh down to
    the bone?

    Look at all the US and UK war crimes at:


    All the “mass media” news you are getting about
    Iraq and the “War on Terror” are just LIES and
    pure DECEIT designed to fool you all into hating
    arabs and muslims, so you can go and DIE in a
    war to make rich executives of oil & construction
    companies, including arms manufacturers, richer…

    That’s the sad truth people… Those who believe
    in the “War on Terror” have been fooled bigtime!

    Those who hate Muslims because of the belief that
    they are terrorists, need serious “deprogramming”





    Don’t believe all the crap from main-stream news.

  32. cel says:

    If living in a country where free speech is the accepted practice then dont get offended when someone has a different opinion to you.

    It offends me that a hostile group of fanatics start burning flags and make death threats. Why did the police not use their powers of breaking up a group of two or more people which look to incite violence.

    If it were football fans or groups of youths they would have no hesitation in dispersing them. In fact lets ban all public action to do with religion. If you want to worship in your own home fine do it, but dont shove it down my throat I am not interested.

    The cartoons made me laugh and were spot on – no offence!

  33. Gnarly says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL… I’v now stoped laughing after reading Anna Numus post… Havent you realized all religion is a crock of shit… Anna, you’er either a missguided simplton, or stupid. I’m really offended by all this Muslem shit, and sick of hearing about it, but I’m not rioting in the streets and threating death to all the morons who have their turbins wound so tight, that they can’t think straight. I wish all you people would crawl back under a rock until you know how to act like humans.

  34. SHAY says:

    you know Gnarly, if you think your so smart, then u would know that muslims dont wear turbans, its the seiks that wear turbans…that right there…shows how stupid people like you can be and think they know everything…yet know nuthing what so ever

  35. Alice says:

    I give….
    why is everyone so ….whatever
    we are only here for a moment..
    I don’t wish bad for any of ya….
    Just stay outa my backyard unless you want to smile and have a beer and sit by the fire…
    no praying allowed
    not needed
    thank my forefathers and my uncle and grandpa we can do that
    just wish they we could put the stopper in it now..
    please go back and fix what is broken
    we have enough to fix here
    your help is not needed…

  36. Maria says:

    I say get the fuck out of the Middle East and let the Muslim people run their countries the way they want to. Why does America feel they need to run the world? If this photo was depicting Bush- people would be in an uproar. I donÂ’t understand why people think Muslims are assholes, take a look at yourself America- I left your country because of the racism and ignorance. ArenÂ’t you pissed that your prick of a President is sending your guys and gals over there to be killed- killed for what? The same goes with all the innocent people in Iraq. All those soldiers, dead because of Bush. You want to piss on someone, piss on him.


  37. John says:

    Hey Maria from Canada,
    are you really from Canada or another nutt-case from Syria. Just for YOU I found a couple of links with Bush’s cartoons and yes he, too must accept the freedom of speech and press:


  38. jo blogs says:

    The cartonist wins

    One of the easiest ways to get famous in history is to use religion and all you sheep simply fell for it.

    And he did not even have to use violence to gedt his point across. And as you can see he succeeded

  39. Alice says:


    I did not vote for him or any of the oil ppls
    he is killing our kids..our dogs, cats, air and water
    i understand that
    me as lots of “we” are stuck for now..
    hope for the best…laughed but we dont get the joke..
    we and the world need it


  40. jo blogs says:

    humans are still primitive

    Is it one god who created earth or two or maybe three or four.
    where they brothers (as no mention of a female god)

    “I believe” means i am not sure.

    religion is a cheap way to cover our own weaknesses.

    i am a humanbeing and proud of it.
    No one created me other then my mommy and daddy.

    i have grown and learned a lot over the years and am still learning.

    only to find out that life now is no different then it was 10, 30 or 5000 years ago.

    humans still think the same and act the same.

    now you know why we have not met aliens.

    would you be interested in meeting other humans on another far away planet or maybe a more intelligent species.

    jews, muslims, cristians, hindus are all the same.

    All thinking they are better then the other.
    All want to rule the other.

    if you feel you need to burn an embassy because you do not like a picture then ask yourself.

    if you feel you need to hate a muslim for what he/she is then ask yourself.

    you can call my mother a whore, my father a pimp.
    call me a bastard.

    I know she is not and he is not and i am what i am and happy with myself.

    if it makes you happy to call me these things then i am happy that you are happpy.

    then we both end up happy and can have a laugh.

  41. aime says:

    that is my real name given to me by my parents and proud of it alias jo blogs

  42. aime says:

    911 a setup
    and world war two a conspiracy

    hopefully my life not a conspiracy.

    or that will mean i did not actually happen.

    Am i alive or is this also a conspiracy.
    maybe someone else typing this. he stop it is me.

    we all think we are einstein.
    just let the real einsteins solve the puzzles or we will be living in caves again soon.

    a brain is there to be used so use it.


  43. vickie says:

    Muslims need to wake up. their so-called “peaceful” religion is destroying this planet. Everyone at some point has been the butt of a joke – it is a fact of life, and more importantly, being able to dish it and take it in a non-serious way is what can make a society work. They are exposing themselves for the violent, reckless people that they are. If Muslims dont like free speech in America or Europe, they are more than welcome to go back to killing eachother in their caves in the desert.

  44. SHAY says:

    again, another ignorant talking about caves and deserts. for all of you those who dont know what muslims are really like and only hear about them in the news, then maybe u shouldnt be talking at all, cause u know nuthing, and your jst as stupid as ur C+ average president. we and that includes my self as muslim, never planned war on anyone, it was always others tryed to take over our land, and for 100s of years we’ve surrendered to anyone that concured the lands. even then, we’ve been the joke of our time, for how much longer are we suppose to take your stupud ignorant jokes?? now the only time we actually get to speak out for our rights we get called terrorists. well we tryed peace b4, but i guess peace doesnt work with a bunch of haif-brainers, who claim to be solving the world’s issues, yet seem to be killing their own people, as well as others
    u know, i had a pretty open mind about this issue when it came out, convincing my self that you guys dont know any better, but hearing Ludicrous comments about a whole nation that non of you know about, i think u should all jst go to hell

  45. Ian says:

    Insanity ! ThatÂ’s what it is Â… uneducated, ignorant people burning flags, rioting & beating. Sequentially teaching their children the same ignorance.
    We can take a Joke why canÂ’t you?
    Then, to bring this chaos over seas!!!
    You say yours is a peaceful religion?
    I have lost some respect for your people.

  46. xero says:

    These cartoons clearly do not speak for muslims in general, but for radical islamists who express themselves by means of terror, a weapon of the weak. It is unfortunate people dont understand the difference between the two…

  47. Tony Danza says:

    FUCK THIS you get mad over a sand nigger with a bomb on his head but how about priest and little boy jokes? why are those accepted? take a fucking joke. i dislike islam because it is a religeon founded on hate.

  48. David says:

    The point of the second cartoon is that there is violence being used by terrorists under the guise of religion. They try to project the image of being God-fearing Muslims while they use violence to create fear and try to intimidate others. This is NOT the way of Islam.
    The sad part is that the reaction to the cartoon(s) mimics the second cartoon.

  49. David Beatty says:

    If this had been a cartoon depicting Christians in a similar light no one would have said a word. As far as the cartoon(s) go, I can appreciate the so-called uproar. What I don’t understand is where is the uproar or the want for vengence when the fundamentalist Islamic folks are killing, beheading and sending in homicide bombers. Where is the uproar then? There is none. Where is the condemnation of others of so-called peaceful Islam?

  50. gws says:

    It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out, when the line is finally crossed. When the west if forced to actually do something about this cancer growing on the world.

  51. Johanna from Canada says:

    Buy Danish products if you believe in freedom to practice your own religion or to not practice a religion at all.

    Perhaps the cartoons were inappropriate in the eyes of muslims; however, just as muslims should not be expected to live by the words of the bible…why would non-muslims be expected to live by the Qu’ran?

    If only these rioters were to focus their energy on stopping suicide bombers and ‘honour’ killings, the world would truly be a better place.

  52. Orlando Rivera says:

    The fact of the matter is that most muslim extreamist are just itching or looking for some excuse to start up a riot or blow up something. It may be disrespectful to some and to others it may not be but for crying out loud. Their response is childish at best poor peaceful muslim extreamist they are offended by a cartoon. we should just sent them all back to their countries and build a 100 foot gate around it and let them role as they see fit for there will never be a democracy in the middle east due to morons that think like they do. some one draws a cartoon that at best describes the truith to some extent and they get upset how chldish. What a bunch of Hypocrites also remember when the twin towers went down after 911 and that toothless wench was jumping up and down celebrating. I demand an apology from your countries and your leaders for being so incensitive to humanity.

  53. steve says:

    I wonder if they show comments about their mothers, sisters fathers and kids how would they feel about it?

    Let’s put a cartoon about their mother have sex with kids and the father looking at their dugthers being sexually active with adults, and the fathers are have funn seeing their kids being sexually assualted… Why not that is afreedom of expression too. I will even fabricate photos to support that maybe prono phtos of thekids of theose reports having sex with animals, that is freedom of expression too

  54. Maria says:

    Good one Steve

  55. Casandra says:

    Just Trouble makers in the name of ISLAM . The Danish Newspaper said SORRY.
    That should have been the end of it and accept it as rather a poor joke in very bad taste that went wrong that the Paper said SORRY for.
    The press throughout the world that have re- published the cartoons in the name of freedom of the press, have a greater responsibility in not inciting riots and violence and should have used British common sense and not have added fuel to the fire.
    I am ashamed to live in Brisbane that our local Rupert Merddock paper has re-published these same cartoons. SHAME! COURIER MAIL??? SHAME..
    I am a Christian, dont go to church, but believe in MY GOD. I would have been offended had some artistic, misguided idiot of a cartoonist had drawn a picture of my God with a bomb in his hat.
    But having said that My lot( Christians) are not blowing up people with self destuct devices looking for a few Virgins.
    I think the running out of Virgins is quite funny and in reasonable decency.
    Muslims should try and see the funny side of things. Smile at yourselves now and again . Good for the soul and a long life.
    Perhaps those that protest with violence and destruction should also protest at those Muslims who took inocent hostages that have later been so cruely executed in the name of a Muslim Prophed or God or what ever other excuse for a barbaric act is used.
    If the energy was directed to love thy neighbor instead of anger, what a better world we would all live in.
    “May your God go With You” to quote the late master of comedy Dave Allen.
    Probably a good job he’s not still around for I feel sure he would have made light and laughter out of this sittuation.
    Come on Muslims where ever you are. Join the HUMAN RACE

  56. Casandra says:

    Anna about 9/11 demolitian charges.
    Question to ANNA. Who then made the video of the planes slammuing into the Trade Center. Was it Dysney ???

  57. James says:

    Bring back spitting image.

    This way we can laugh at both the politicians and the religions that seek to distabilse our fragile world.

    Laughter iself is not evil even when it offends – I suggest that incitement to violence and violence itself is.

    Time to wake up world…

  58. ihatemulims says:

    they should go back to the desert with allah the camel fucking arsehole. We should fight back and not take shit from this primtive society.

  59. Gnarly says:

    Shay…. Let me see now… I know about the bombings, rioting, burning of Embassys, beheadings etc… thats all I need to decide that you’re all NUTS. I don’t care if you’re a Christian religious nut, a Jewish religious nut, or a Middle East religious nut, you’re all NUTS…. now you be careful what you say, or some religious nut will want to cut off your head…. is that the kind of society you want…. some people are stupider than I thought.
    Maria…. get a grip… why don’t you go live with the religious nuts… we don’t want you here in Canada either…. You make me embarrassed to be a Canadian.
    God Bless America, and thank God for America.

  60. putang mga muslim says:

    you muslims are too sensitive, its a cartoon for goodness sake, cartoons make fun of all races, religion, sex, color, height, weight, etc. etc. calm down will you. take a step back and you will see that its really no big deal, its really, really no big deal and you are just showing and giving a bad name to your religion and race. its so sad…

  61. Dave says:

    All the irrational talk aside. I think the real issue in this suposed divide between the middle east and the west is out of control! What is really happening is peoples lifestyles, thus there identity is being threatend. Lact of education can breed fanaticism. How do you expect whole societies to express there anger at having their own land brutally handled and occupied for years by foreigners? You expect them to do what? Formally complain to the UN? I dare say, after interferring with them for so long they see one way out. fight to the death.

    We recently had US war ship Ronald Ragan doc in our cities bay. They Showed utter contempt for us. They left all their garbage wast to float around in the bay, as well as dumping a jet airplane in the bay, for us to fish out.(not kidding) THANKS FOR COMMING! It caused upproar here.

    From that incident, i understand the sheer contempt that countries show each other. I fear we (The West)are reaping what we have sowed.

    This is not about cartoons, and this is not about religion, this is about people trying to maintian their way of life and their identy. Even though the actions of a minority are wrong, lets be sensitive to bridge this divide, so we can all win.

  62. Shawn says:

    I see where you’re coming from, Dave, but i don’t necessarily agree that this is about bridging a divide against societies. Granted I’m removed from most of the blending of societies that occurs in Europe. By the way, I feel so bad about what our navy did. Not all Americans are dicks, just most.

    Anyway, I do see this as a freedom of speech issue. I sympathize with those that were offended by the cartoons, but when socities blend, there is a certain amount joking about sterotypes. And I’ve seen plenty of jokes about the Jewish faith and the Christian faith. I’m sure they caused a large amount of uproar when they were first published, but now jokes about those two religions are a dime a dozen.

    I didn’t find these jokes funny, nor did I think they were in good taste. Does that mean that someone shouldn’t be allowed to publish this artwork? No, I don’t think so.

  63. carl slicer says:

    With all due respect, Quakers aren’t suicide bombing police stations.

  64. Thye biggest argument people are making is that if this
    editorial cartoon attacked another religion, Jews for instance, it
    would be considered hatemongering and blatantly wrong. The only
    drawback to that argument is that editorial cartoons frequently
    attack political concepts and are valid as such. Militant Muslims
    are, for all intents and purposes, a political group now and no
    longer solely relegated to the position of a religious group.
    Hamas, the new ruling faction of Palestine, is a militant Muslim
    group. Does that make them a political party or a religious
    entity? Actually, it makes them both. As a militant political
    party, they are fair game under editorial concepts.

    It really boils down to interpretation of the people in question.
    While the cartoons are obviously offensive to Muslims, in a
    civilized world people have a social responsibility to address their
    offenses in a manner which leads to them being corrected and moving
    on. What we are seeing in these extremist countries is masked
    militants setting fire to buildings, shooting, throwing rocks and
    bottles at police and foreigners, storming embassies, trampling
    people to death, and causing extreme social unrest. All because of
    a cartoon. They are proving the content of the editorial cartoon
    valid based on their responses to the cartoon. At that point, it
    does tend to reinforce the validity of publishing the cartoon from a
    socio-political perspective.

  65. kenza says:

    none of the muslems ever insulted you religion, to me , i don’t care about the cartoons, but i hate it when same things happen to other groups and they take it as big deal as muslems did, so you grow up and stop messing with other peoples belifs, because it’s not a joke

  66. Val says:

    Muslims are generally nice people, but when they get into groups…

  67. Casandra says:

    Shame that poeple have died through a joke cartoon.
    It takes only a small quantity of black paint to discolor a whole can. Shame that the Muslim community who 99% are great people with great values, dont sort out for good the blacksheep in the different clans in their own comunities.

    DAVE yes I am in Brisbane and helped clear up the shit and rubbish the YANK NAVY threw overboard. Tins Shirts Caps Old clothes Intestingly A USED TIED CONDOM, Makes you wonder who is crewing who??? Food tins, Plastic wrappers, Plastic coverd boxes, Plastic bags. I wonder how many of our lovely marine creatures and water bird died or are dying because of this very thoughless dumping act.
    Yet to come is whatever comes from the crashes plane in our bay. Fuel,Oils, Explosives may be Radio Active. We Brisbnae people eat much fish and other seafood from our local waters. God help us if WHEN this stuff leakes. No matter what the expence we would like the plane and all things aboard REMOVED NOW.
    On the used condom, Thank goodness it was found before one of our Manitys (SEA COWS) accidently got pregnant. Hate seeing half Marine Yanks in our bay(JOKE )

  68. Maria says:

    Thanks John, I actually laughed at your bush links…

  69. Maria says:

    And yes I am Canadian, 100% northern beer drinking hockey loving girl.

  70. John says:

    Maria – I am glad I opened your eyes to the free press and freedom of speech, maybe if you drank less beer you would understand few things about the world a little better. You know, people like you scare me more than those crazy fuckers in the Middle East. You think you are so noble and peace-loving, then explain why so many in the Middle East celebrated 9/11 and said America deserved more. If you agree maybe you should not be such a hypocrite and join Al-Qaeda to fight the “Evil Empire”

  71. Ibrahim says:

    I am a Muslim and am simply ashamed to be one after watching what we are doing because of some stupid cartoon. I mean what are we showing the world, we’re burning embassies, we’re threataning to behead and promising another 9/11 ??? Is that who we are – I guess that’s who we are turning into some kind of animals or something…SHAME !!!

  72. Sue says:

    Do uneducated, poor Muslims ever do anything quietly? They protest loudly with fires and screaming. They have funerals loudly with screaming and rioting. And always you see some genius firing a gun up in the air whether it is for good cause or bad. How come the newsies never report where those bullets land??
    With idiots acting up like this at the drop of a hat, how do Muslims expect the rest of the world to perceive them? So far, if I based what I thought of the Muslim/Arab world on the media coverage, I would think no better of them than a common street gang. Get a grip, people! You share this world. It is not just yours! Get your wild, out of control minority under control! They are ruining the world’s perceptions of a very good people and very good religion. And stop acting so foolishly for the cameras!! I do understand the reason for feeling insulted. Do you have to torch buildings for us to know you are hurt? Do innocent workers have to be beheaded to know you don’t like America? Sheesh! We know, already. It’s 2006! Find a better way to express yourself. Please.

  73. Gza says:

    The movies “Life of Brian,” and “Last Temptation of Christ” offended many catholics in the US, who protested peacefully and then moved on.

    Contrast that to the violent, angry muslims who are crying for vengeance, ransacking embasies, and acting like immature, spoiled children.

    Why should we respect their culture when they’ve never had respect for ours? They reap what they sow. May there be many more cartoons.

  74. Ant says:

    My biggest fear of the muslim religeon, society, political party…. is this. Now I don’t claim to be the foremost in the field of religeous study, but how can a religeous group as large as the group that follows the quarran (sp?) have no visible leader? Catholics have the pope, where is the one person with the red phone that can put out a clear interpretation of the situation for the muslim people. I have heard Al-Quida groups are just mis-interpreting the path to heavenly riches, and they honestly believe that what they do is destined. I think we all can understand that it is really hard to go against what is engraved in your culture (no justification for the crimes). It just seems that a respected figure in the muslim community is going to need to step out of the mass that is the muslim religeon if any form of peace is to be reached on these issues.

  75. A Passer By says:

    Some Danish guy draws a few cartoons because Muslims, for a lot of very valid reasons, are now linked to suicide bombings and violent, intolerant behaviour…

    They start rioting, setting fire to buildings (related AND unrelated), burning flags and calling for various people to be killed…

    The Danes appologised for the cartoons..

    Regardless of this the guy who created them definately proved his point…

    I was listening to the Radio in the car when one of the Muslims came on supporting the fact some protestors in the UK were dressed as suicide bombers…

    He said it’s fine for them to dress like that, it’s freedom of speach…

    Personally I just look at the Muslim faith as a joke now, that’s not my fault, it’s not even the medias fault… They only have themselves to blame…

  76. A Passer By says:

    Oh… One more thing…

    9/11 was real, people getting kidnapped, tortured, beheaded and laughed at in the process is real…

    To everyone in this blog who posted saying some crap about all of this being faked to make people hate Muslims I have one thing to say to you…

    Your attempts at diverting attention away from the real issues are as adept as your attempts to defraud me of my bank account details claiming to be the king of mubajumba land needing help shifting 9.4 billion dollars…

  77. Ed Mohan says:

    The press loves it when they burn flags. CNN is probably supplying the crowds with Danish flags, just so their loser reporters and photographers can go running to get their next cover shot, and then somehow blame it all on America.

  78. John says:

    Passer By ..you are right ON !!!
    These uncivilized barbarians do have themselves to blame. But it’s not just that they are uncivilized it’s their religious head – the heads of a huge snake who are fueling the fire and inciting violence. I know a lot of primitive and uncivilized cultures – take a few in Africa or in the North, we don’t see them burning embassies or making threats to the rest of the world because somebody drew a caricature of the Eskimos God fishing.
    And the comment about the satiric value of a caricature is exactly the point of this whole mess. I mean what came 1st the suicide bombers predominantly of muslim religion or what ?

  79. Tom says:

    We lived with Jesus Christ Superstar, and did not kill anyone over it. The reaction to these cartoons validates that these people are fanatics and will not stop until they achieve their ultimate objective. Eliminate all non-muslims. Unfortunately, we will have to be proactive in defending ourselves, and innocent people will die. That is the reality of war.

  80. Tony says:

    I’m a complete non-believer. What’s even more astonishing I found in today’s Boston Globe is that multiple newspapers in muslim countries often run grotesquely anti-Jewish/anti-Semitic cartoons or caricatures. Most of these newspapers are state-sponsored. I don’t see anyone burning your embassies all over the world because of caricatures. SO I am asking YOU before you scream the double standard drum at the Western press , TAKE A CLOSER LOOK at YOURSELVES and your own cultures and then ask whos is a big HYPOCRITE !

  81. cassim says:

    i am joing the bnp as this uproar has outraged me so much that this joke has been taken way out of hand by a certain religion
    my father is an arab and muslim

  82. Tony says:

    Cassim …good for you ! Please speak up and take a stand because you seem to be the only one with courage here, who is speaking up for muslim people. I mean how many 9/11’s and these embassies torching will it take for someone to confront these animals.

  83. Wael says:

    OK, as proud to be muslim i don’t accept these damn JOKES! If they’re trying to explain about the terrorism since the old days; then what the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) has to do with that?????
    These jokes are not accepatable and if you’re proud to say jokes on your own religion that’s up to u, as up to me i wd say it’s a shame, making fun of you’re religion is not a joke at all, as matter of fact you’re insulting it. Those who laughed at these jokes are empty-minded need to pray a little and ask God to forgive u. And try to put in mind that those terrorist bastards are using the name of Islam in their actions to ruin it not to be proud of it, i don’t admit that, because they’re not muslims by heart and soul, they’re just using the name as i said before.

  84. Irfan says:

    Wael, listen I am a muslim too, but read some of the feedback before. As much as it was a insulting to Prophet Mohammed, this was a cartoon, a caricature. By definition CARICATURE implies ludicrous exaggeration of the characteristic features of a subject. I think what we’re talking here is not whether the caricature was insulting or not, I believe most caricatures are to some extent, but the reaction to this caricature, i.e. burning embassies, promises to another 9/11, beheadings . Is that what Islam teaches us ? The more of these images of violence and barbarism I see the less power we have to persuade others that Islam is a religion of Peace. I mean after all, I question if it is a religion of Peace ?

  85. Mike says:

    This completely proves to me that the entire Islamic relgion is nothing but a bunch of illiterate, backward and sexually depraved society of IMBECILES. Why? Becuase they go out and now try to KILL people when the other half of the time they are touting crap like “Our religion ONLY dictates PEACE AND LOVE” What a load of garbage. It is the ONLY relgion to dictate “Killing is good”. This cartoon crap is just one more excuse for the sand dwelling unbathed idiots, to go out and create MORE violence. Personally, I fart towards Mecca every day.

  86. Tony says:

    Hey Steve – this is not a pissing contest , if you want to piss, piss off the fires that your people are making , maybe that’ll be a good start!

  87. Lynden Schechter says:

    Regarding the Muslim cartoon with a bomb inside the head of the bearded man, from the following behavior of the world’s muslims, it is obvious that the subject in the cartoons is true. Violence is primary for them and they’ve proved it beyond a dought. And now, it’s not only a cartoon but a statement of fact. Run the cartoon once each month until it loses its incitiment value and please stop apologizing. Free speech may not make everyone happy, but freedom is not about pleasing everyone all the time. Bringing ideas into the light of day and having them examined is a good thing. These people act like, and are, still mentally and emotionally living the 9th century. It will take a long time for them to catch up with the rest of the world — to mature into the present.

  88. Bret says:

    When 9/11 happened, on TV they told us that Arabs are peaceful people, I believed them. Now we see this, over cartoons….CARTOONS for heaven’s sake! I think that now we know what Islam is all about. Anyone who would try to tell us that Arabs are peaceful people should wake up and smell the burning hate that they have for us. When it’s ok to kill people over a cartoon, there is something fundamentally wrong with the mindset of people like that. This world don’t need people who think its ok to kill over a cartoon.

  89. Joseph says:

    I think I’ll start a “death to all stupid people” campaign. Any volunteers?

  90. Tony says:

    Joe, count me in man !
    If we can’t protect ourselves from these animals then who will ? I take it back I would rather take the animals – they actually have more intellect over these stupid brain-dead maniacs !

  91. Cedric Sanders says:

    If your are a pissed off towel head, over a stupid cartoon. Shit nigga free yo selfs, and let some air in on that rag head, maybe some brains will get some well needed blood. Then maybe you should consider the truth, all of you are destine to cause hate to motivate your extremist views.

    Bitch ass niggas

  92. Quilpole says:

    Just out of curiosity…

    Will some learned Imam or Mullah please point to the part of the Koran where it actually says “Kill the Infidel with… (Bomb, Sword, Oil supply withdrawal – delete where applicable)”.

    If it does not say that in your Holy Book the I don’t feel you have the moral justification to hold it as a threat over everybody else. If you wish to practice ranting, waving fists, hiding your faces and shooting guns while calling other people names don’t pretend it’s religious.

  93. Stefano says:

    The problem is that all Muslims take themselves so seriously. They think other people, like christians,are out to “hurt” them or provoce them somehow.This is not truth,we really dont care about you…we are busy getting on with OUR lives and don´t give a f…k what you believe in and the roles that follows.

  94. Come so far,Learnt so little.. says:

    I loved the one about ‘cassim’ joining the BNP… say check out spikedhumer.com and search ‘donkey’ to see what our arab brothers are really like…

  95. CATHY says:


  96. Maria says:

    Are you kidding me John? Did I ever say I was a noble and peace loving person? Like ya’ll don’t drink beer down there…there is a reason why our then Prime Minister Martin didn’t agree to send our troops to Iraq. He didn’t want to see the many many casualties that America has suffered. Yes, Canada is more of a peace-keeping country, is anything wrong with that? What’s your point anyway John? You should be proud of where you come from, no matter where you come from, unfortunately for you it’s the fucking zoo.

  97. naseem Afzal Pakistan says:

    I have read most of the comments about the cartoons in the preceeding paras. Its simply because people do not know about Islam so they give such comments. WE have, are and will continue to carry the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) in extreme reverence. We have no photographs of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) or even of Prophet Jesus [whom we accept as a Prophet of Allah and whom we respect second to only the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)]or of any one else. The use of pictures in Islam is derogatory and is strictly forbidden. The cartoons published are in a very bad taste and require condemnation by all alongwith very severe punishments for those responsible.
    WE all hate it when cartoons of Jesus (May the Blessings of Allah be on Him), Mary (May the Blessings of Allah be on Her)or of any one are published. People do not understand that we Muslims respect all 124000 Prophets of Allah and we respect Jesus and Moses more than the Christians and Jews.
    The depiction of Muslims as terrorists and bad people has got to stop.
    Please go and study Islam and then make your comments. It is strange that people who do not know anything even about Christianity are commenting, that too strongly , on Muslims.
    Islam, the ultimate religion of the world, is going to sweep all over the world and then you all will know the amount of respect, love and affection we have for the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). We all can lay our lives for one hair of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and no one should forget this.
    Anybody who does blasphemy has to go. he/she has to go up and real fast.

  98. carl says:

    religious pepole are a pain in the ass.respect has nothing to do with freedom, religion has nothing to do with freedom.freedome is free.some of yall might not ever understand what fredom is i was born free and that is something you can never change.maybe yall can all just blow each other up so the rest of us can just get on with it peacefully.cartoons and fairy tails are for kids anyway.and what the heck are they doing out in the streets in the middle of the afternoon hooting and hollering about god crap and crapy cartoons when they need to get a job.

  99. Timothy Holland says:

    9:111 Allah has purchased of their faithful lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for his cause, kill and be killed. In the Koran notice the number no peace Do you hear Jesus telling us to Kill. Jesus is not a prohet mohammed(MAY other find the truth and not go to hell)is in hell.

  100. psyte says:

    all you angry muslims can go fuck yourselves. why is it you guys are the only idiots on the planet that cant take a joke? these cartoons are here for a reason, because suicide bombing in the name of religion is stupid and retarded. you guys do nothing but destroy life, i wish the usa would grow some balls and nuke all of you bastards. fuck you, and fuck your stupid religion.

  101. carl says:

    tim that is some crap a crazy person would say.there aint no hell and telling folks that there stupid god dude is going to hell and yours is the coolest one or the nicest is the shit that pisses these rag heads off.your god is just as gay as theres.them middle easterners are fucked up we all know that but you jesus freaks would behave the same way if in the same surcumstance.say you wont all want to.but you are all the same and always have been.and religion and politics has hardly ever been peace full.it would be cool if yall would all just hurry up and go to your damn heavens all ready.and shut the fuck up.leave earth alone shut you yaps and wate it out till you get to met your makers you love so frigin much.dumb shits i cant believe how many of you god types are out there.the whole world is full of these ding bats and they are stiring up some shit.and you bottom level belivers are the dumb shits who do all the dirty work and try the hardest to mess things up. all of your religious leaders are into money and power just like any one else should be.there just using you fark wads to get what they need.piss on them you dont need all this shit.i am adressing all religions.your all fucked up.

  102. alexandra says:

    I think it is crazy that the islamic are reacting this way towards a cartoon. It is just a cartoon, everday cartoon’s are drawn defacing the president,jesus,and many others. I take things in stride and it is just a cartoon and nothing more. It is more of a disgrace that this cartoonist is walking around with bodyguards over expressing his opion. The arabs are use to surpressing themselves and believe the world should fallow suite. As an American I believe in freedom of expression/press if you don’t like america or where ever you reside get on a plane and go home.

  103. fesh says:

    thanks God there’s a fredom of expression! but we should always consired all things we say to other people, i think there’s always a better way how will you express your thought that nobody will be offended. those people not thinking what they say to other are idiots and uneducated. like Wael said those terrorist is not muslim, we should not attach the word “terrorism” to muslim, there are lot of peace loving muslim. and to the muslim you should not act like, the fault of one is not the fault of everybody. you just prove what they say about muslim and they already say SORRY. to DAVE, you must be thankful that the US NAVY just left your country with thier garbage. here in the Philippines, they are still here and while they exploit our natural resources here they raping our women here. I think they are the one who is sexually depraved society of IMBECILES. to the muslim again stop acting like a child like freedom of expression I think there are other ways you can express your anger without hurting anybody.

  104. Roger says:
  105. Steve says:

    What is really crazy about this whole thing is it is based on the belief that “My invisible friend is better than your invisible friend!” No he/she isn’t! Yes he/she is! blah blah blah!!! Get a life ad move on!!!!!!

  106. Mook says:

    This is not about the cartoon. This is an excuse to be hatful. If it wasnÂ’t the cartoon it would be something else. We Christian take it on the chin all the time and we don’t riot. Maybe we should. Why donÂ’t we? Because that kind of action will upset our God. We are to turn the other cheek. And love and pray for our enemy.
    So is what MuslimÂ’s are doing making their God happy? I think they think this is there way of protecting a God. Why does their God need protection? Is he not all powerful? Can’t he take care of business? Apparently not.
    I know mine can. Just read what he did to in Noah’s day, Lot’s day, and Moses day. Read what he did in teach peace to those who hated him in the New Testament. That wasnÂ’t Mohammed that was Jehovah God of the New and Old Testaments. Now that is a God who can take us mortals and kick us into shape.
    We need a thicker skin and remember sticks and stones. Remember too that God did allow his people to protect themselves from those who would do them harm. That has not changed. We must stand firm agents evil doing. I love all man kind. I just do not love what they do in the name of God.
    Thanks for the Forum.

  107. Dr Doug says:

    Mook is right on the money and Anna Nimus needs to take some serious medication.

    I don’t think we should be looking at this from a sensitivity perspective but from a survival perspective. Clearly, Muslims are looking at this as an excuse to trash talk westerners – it’s “gotcha” politics fanned by fanatics who want everyday non-extremist Muslims to believe that the West is out to get them all. Are we? Of course not. Do we need to understand Muslims better? Probably because we tend to be uncomfortable with that we are not familiar with and we are not that familiar with Muslims. The facts here are simple, we are out to get the extremist Muslims who want to harm us and have harmed us in the recent past. I don’t think we should rest until that task is accomplished and we should try not to be misdirected by this distraction. I think we need to always be mindful to remember that on balance, Americans are the most generous, fair, respectful, understanding and well intentioned people on the planet – we’re not perfect but we’re heads and shoulders above most. We’re also the most powerful nation on earth and right now we’re mighty pissed off at some radical elements in the Muslim world and determined to right a few wrongs. Let’s stay focus.

    Soap box mode off. Thanks for listening.

  108. Turth in Humour says:

    The Mohammed with the Bomb IS NOT suppost to critize or give any bad commands about the prophet himself. It is suppost to portray the radical and destructive ideas the Muslims have behind their turbans. I mean they have even proven the fact themselves by the way they have protested. “Kill them.” and other such phrases that include “Massacre them” have been used in their riots, where they injure and hurt innocent people. The cartoon portrays the truth and danger the Muslims possess on the whole world through their dustructive ideas and dogmatic “thinking”.

  109. Jay says:

    To display Muslims like this is an insult however it proves how stupid there to want to always attack when they are offended. An apology is never enough they gotta go and prove how tuff they are but in reality we all know they are the weakest that exist. So get over it and grow up and stop teaching little innocent children that holding a gun or a bomb and killing otheres is alright. It just gives Muslims another excuse to be animals again an attack so chew on this.

  110. Chad says:

    The western world is getting tired of seeing the minority of the Muslim population convey messages and behaviors of violence. You have very many bad apples that are giving the muslim religion a bad reputation. Why don’t we hear of these clerics rejecting the violent behaviors of the extreme factions in your culture? The middle east region is in for many more lomg years of suffering if you continue to let these extremists go unchecked by your own leaders.

  111. Blair says:

    Muslin Are a sick people who live in the pass,they kill all night and pray all day, get a life.I am getting a shirt made up with Munammad. Picture on it with a bomb,he is one ugly asshole .I Bet he gay.And the last 3 letters in his name {MAD}

  112. WHK says:

    Hey, the world’s flat, right? Just wanted to make sure I still have my facts right 🙂

    Kudos to those who published the cartoons!

  113. ik says:

    I think people underestimate Bush and his intentions. Conservative people don’t understand that if something wasn’t done about extremists in the Middle East, they’d probabaly be living a much rougher life in the futur. All they care about is peace for now but they don’t understand the minds of some muslims(not all of them are extremists). The bottom line is that if someone doesn’t teach them a lesson, the world will have lots of problems to face in the futur.

    These cartoons are a small example of their kind of behaviour. Just look at how they’re threatning to bomb people and places over a cartoon. Their mentality is animalistic.

  114. Jack Krashin says:

    All Muslems seem to have guns. They get them for free from their Arabic brothers. The poor indigent people are incited to riots by thei Iman and wh will buy them fresh ammunition with money that he gets from Syris, Iran, Afghistan nad Saudia Arabia. Why don’ the demonstators get a life an so sothing constructive?

  115. Moly says:

    Freedom of speech is not equal to freedom of insulting and demonising others. The publication of the cartoons proved once more that democracy and liberal values, Western-style, are not but a big joke.

    Also, why is the discussion of the Holocaust and the gas chamber is taboo in the western media, despite being it a perfectly aceptable topic to be discussed from historical perspective, and despite being it not insulting to anyone. Yet, insulting and demonising Muslims is fine? The truth is that there are double standards.

  116. carl says:

    Jokes are good Moly.what the hell is wrong with you.laugh a little.and by the way whats the difference between a jew and a piza.the piza doesent scream when you put it in the oven.

  117. Hytham says:

    Sub: Freedom of Press

    Cartoon Character of the Muslim Prophet

    Dear Editors,

    I happen to be a directed descendent of Prophet Mohammed’s family, I was appalled and very very angry and in a state of utter shock and stunned, I come from well off and educated Family and do we condemn extremism that are carried out by “So Called Muslims” in any form, given the fact that Denmark is one of the most prosperous and civilized country in Europe.

    A. No, itÂ’s not about freedom of press like many of you say, but the sense of genuine responsibility and a limit to what ones feel to what they can write, publish, say or draw.

    B. I generally condemn the act of the Nazi Germany and can never depict it in any form of propaganda or create racial characters, because I have (A genuine sense of responsibility, I will personally be very angry if someone does it because itÂ’s not a jock to what happened in Europe)

    C. Can I do it and say, oh” well you know” itÂ’s a freedom of press?!

    D. I can never write or publish a book that says “I hate blacks” or use the N word.

    E. Can I do it and say freedom of press?! Personally and definitely NO,

    F. Can we publish an explicit sex scene on the front page of the Washington Post then say “Oh” well, you know its freedom of press”!!! , of course and definitely NO

    G. Try to understand guys what everyone in the world are trying to say.

    H. DonÂ’t look at the images of them caring out to the street riots and the rest but (He is the Theeee Prophet).

    I. Even if the West donÂ’t believe of him, but a grown up educated person will never do a childish thing like that. (Not even me), which applies to point B, D and F.

    I. Finally “The holy book “Quran” does not support, teach or say what you see of disturbing images on TV about what SO Called Muslims terrorists are doing.(Never)

    I. We the innocent the real authentic Muslims, like the good Christians and Jews do deserve an apology

  118. Rob says:

    After 911 you would think they could take a joke….leaders of every other country or religion can be insulted….they cant…they can burn our flags…. kidnapp and kill our civilians…and we wont…I pesonally think we goofed… a people that think everyone that doesnt follow their religion is an infidel and deserves to be killed or irradicated…only themselves deserves their own fate….our leaders should have nuked every one of those murdering stupid bastards…..bleeding hearts…dont reply… cause they might kill someone in your family next….then kill you when your back is turned…while youre trying to protect them……..nuke em all…then..GOD… not allah..not mohamed..will surely sort them out…

  119. carl says:

    is that what jesus would do rob?

  120. Gargantua says:

    i think the common way to share is that we have to confirm that it was clearly rudeness and hope not happen again but we have to also tell the truth that all the reactions against a little simple cartoons is just the way they want.a muslim is who is trusted by everone even though they were different religions.so what we have to do is that-as muslims-calm down and critise this as ‘diplomatic’ ways instead of burning flags and treating people.last thing,if we love our prophet we have to behave as the way how he and the other prophets behaved against them.let me remind that they were in the most trouble,most dangerous duty to do but they just tell the truth and try to explain and show the way.if we love them we have to explain them why this is wrong,why he is so important to us and the most important issue is i think that we have to live as they offered and asked.that is the only way to show the turth otherwise killing the people or treating them under the identity of muslim,each group will assume that all the muslims are potential danger.i think by burning or treating them,we are just bombing ourselves.

  121. Anthony says:

    Hey Carl,
    if Jesus saw what I’m seeing today he would have double nuked every one of you BASTARDS !!! who are celebrating 9/11 and promising more beheadings and blaming everything on the west. I didn’t see anyone of you speaking out against those direct threats for another 9/11 , you continue to blame West for everything instead of looking at yourselves critically. Let me ask you if so many of you didn’t blow yourselves would such a cartoon be created in the first place ?