David Gregory Gets ‘Meet the Press’

David Gregory will become the permanent host of “Meet the Press,” HuffPo reports; NBC has issued a non-denial denial.

David Gregory will take the reins as moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Huffington Post has learned. Gregory has been a leading contender for the permanent spot since Tom Brokaw stepped in as interim moderator following Tim Russert’s death in June.

In recent weeks, a short list including Gregory, Andrea Michell, Gwen Ifill, and Chuck Todd had been considered the top candidates for the position, while Katie Couric and Ted Koppel were viewed as dark horses.

Brokaw will conclude his duties as interim moderator this weekend, when he will interview President-Elect Barack Obama.

Gregory’s a perfectly fine choice — presuming he actually is the choice — but not an exciting one. Koppel would have brought gravitas and Todd would have been more interesting. None of them would likely have gotten me to watch the show again. As it is, I’m down to TiVo’ing “This Week” and, usually, fast-forwarding to the roundtable.

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    Bill Moyers … think of all the teeth gnashing!