The Dear Prudie column on Slate continues to depress. Is everyone out there living this Jerry Springer Show existence? Or are the most pathetic of the reader questions selected precisely to elicit that reaction?

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  1. gesi says:

    Dear prudie,
    i am in deep.There is this boy that i really like but i dont think he likes me. I am so in love with him. We have good conversations. There is this other girl in the way of me getting together with him. She is always telling him lies about me and she is making him turn his back on me and after a while he comes back. Is that a sign that he likes me? What must i do to get rid of the other girl from telling him those stuff? What must i do that will make him come to me and dont worry with the other girl anymore?

    -too much in love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you should just forget about both of them and find someone else that you won’t have all of the headache with.

  3. gesi says:

    Dear prudie,

    The boy i told u about came back 2 talk 2 me.
    He was nice and he told me about everything that was goin on with him.He asked me to be friends with the girl and thats all he wants. He told me that he wants 2 be more than friends with me but he dont want any problems between me and all the other girls that like him. He also said that he likes me. What must i do? Must i be friends with that girl only because of him? Must i give him a chance? I love him sooooooo much, i cant even express how i feel about him. I hope u can understand.

    -confused one

  4. gesi says:

    Dear Prudeie,

    i was talking 2 him when he told me thjat he loved. He is not the kind of boy that wants 2 be a playa. He is different. He is soo sexy, sweet, sensibe, smart and he is runny smooth. He is the only boy that have that special touch. I dont want 2 start new relationships with other boys

  5. Anonymous says:

    If he was really in love with you he wouldn’t care what the other girls thought. He only wants you when you seem to no longer want him. He needs to grow up! Don’t wast any more of your time on someone who can’t make up his mind. He should treat you the way you would treat him. Would you let others opinion keep you away from him? Could you ever be truely happy, knowing he may leave you at any time because someone else didn’t approve?If you get with him you may miss out on someone who could love you for who you are.

  6. Wanda says:

    Dear Prudie,
    I have been married for 2 years. We have had our ups and downs. My problem is his mother. She calls me by his ex wife name all the time and ever tells me i should go back to my moms house and leave him alone. What can I do to get her to accept me?

  7. Dear Prudie says:


    Any messages for me?