Deuce Four Heads Home

Michael Yon’s latest dispatch from Iraq carries an update on LTC Erik Kurilla’s recovery and the progress his team made in Mosul.

As the Deuce Four heads home this week, they leave behind a Mosul that, while not yet in the clear, is much closer to security and prosperity than anyone would have considered possible eight months ago. In between the daily secret reports Kurilla has brought to his hospital room so he can track his battalion, the Commander watches television news, increasingly frustrated by what he sees as a clear, and inaccurate, negative bias. “When you get the news back here in the states, it’s all doom and body counts. I only wish the American public could see the incredible progress that is being made every day in Iraq, particularly in places like Mosul.”

The account of the battle that led to Kurilla’s injuries is here.

Yon is an independent journalist in Iraq and is financed by private donations. If you’re inclined to send him your support, there’s a link at his site.

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  1. ken says:

    Just clap your hands louder Kate.

    So the ‘Commander’ is frustrated that Americans do not support the war on Iraq any longer. Perhaps it is because we see that Bush lied us into that war and that our soldiers are dying for a lie. Whatever good he feels he is doing does not offset the fact that we are wasting our military assets and our money on a country that we had no right to destroy in the first place.

  2. Juan says:

    No, it is because he sees what is being accomplished in Iraq. That people have hope for the future and with our assistance are helping themselves. Hope for the future in a country of 25 million doesn’t get the same coverage as terrorist atrocities.

  3. RGardner says:

    Regardless, if I’m in the area, I’ll be on the I-5 overpass as they arrive. Yon’s reports have been in the local (Ft Lewis) base paper. Yon’s reports out of Mosul were the only reality I have seen – realize I’m not an Army ground pounder (OK, very military background, just not Army), but Yon’s reports have been the most clear AND ACCURATE of anything I’ve seen.

  4. LJD says:

    ..but Ken knows more about Iraq than the troops who are there…

  5. Joe Bob says:

    If you actually believe that your President likes the idea of war then you’re an outright lunatic. Probably strong language, but perhaps “grossly uninformed” is a better and lesser problem for you. Not only do all great men hate the idea of war but only weak people like the idea of war. When you see a bum with a whisky bottle “sleeping it off” you pay no mind to the foolish person. When that Bum happens to be Saddam and he has an army, intent to disrupt all of your allied for global resources and then turn those resources against you and the rest of the free world, and further, that Bum has access to billions of dollars and is swaggering through town with a few uzi’s strapped to his chest, you do what any INTELLIGENT person would do…. you take the S.O.B. out of action ASAP. That, friends, is Saddan Hussein. Our President did what he had to do, and we are now finishing the job; as is righteous and just. Now go back and sleep SAFELY in your bed in your free country and let our forces continue to do THE RIGHT THING despite yor mumbling. The only “BIG LIE” here is that most people refuse to believe that freedom is a fight and has to be protected. Travel a little more and find out differently? Not a chance. Freedom is to be cherished. The entire world would LOVE to immigrate to this country. Why? Freedom. The only people on the PLANET who take freedom for granted are AMERICANS. Too bad most people are watching the television so much that the truth will never be evident. Many people watch IRAQ like it’s a game of football or tennis. Instead, look at it as a war of values. We are protecting freedom. Don’t like it, try living somewhere else.