Dick Clark Sued for Age Discrimination

Dick Clark sued for age discrimination

A 76-year-old game show producer sued “American Bandstand” icon Dick Clark’s production company for age discrimination Monday, saying he was “embarrassed, humiliated and aggravated” when he was passed up for a job by his fellow septuagenarian.

Ralph Andrews, producer of such game shows as “Liar’s Club” and “Celebrity Sweepstakes,” claims in his Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit that Clark, 74, sent him a letter in May of 2003 saying he was too old for a job with his production company.

In Clark’s defense, he looks much younger than 74.

Hat tip: Virginia Postrel

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  1. Richard says:
  2. McGehee says:

    Jeez, I think I can remember watching Dick Clark when he was 34!

    How the heck does a 74-year-old man manage to make a 42-year-old man feel old?

  3. Richard says:


    Your young in type.


    I’ll be more direct, you got a broken link in this post

  4. Ron says:

    he looks much younger than 74
    Hey, that’s nothing, I look younger than 74.