Examining London Bombing Links

Hello readers, I’ve been asked to contribute my opinions to OTB concerning terrorism. I’m excited to have been asked, and I hope you enjoy my commentary. Quick bio: Recently, I graduated from a University where I double-majored in International Studies and Conflict Studies, with concentrations in the Middle East and national security. I’ve studied in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and taken intensive Arabic courses. Now, I work as an intelligence analyst at a defense contractor and also write at TerrorismUnveiled.com.

Today I’d like to post a short excerpt of something I’ve been examining at my site: the possibility of the London terrorists having links to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

From Jean-Charles Brisard’s new book on Zarqawi:

One of the most important axes of the Zarqawi network in Great Britain is the Luton refugee center on the outskirts of London. The British investigators seized five hundred kilograms of ammonium nitrate between Luton and London in a raid in April 2004. British sources were also of the opinion that the men planning to use this significant amount of explosives were in contact with associates of Zarqawi in Pakistan.

Luton is the place where British police found a car filled with explosives after the first attack and according to some is a “hotbed of radical Islamic activity.” It is also the point from where 3 of the terrorists met up and traversed to London, and the home of the Jamaican convert who carried out part of the July 7 attack.

Also important are the similarities in the Madrid and London attack. The alleged mastermind of the Madrid attacks (according to Spanish authorities) is Abu Musab al-Suri or “Mustafa Setmariam Nassar.” It is alleged that he has been hiding out in Pakistan after the bombings. Al-Suri was one of the most charismatic figures of Syrian terrorists, much the equal of Zarqawi to the Jordanians and Palestinians.

I have more at my site. Certainly this is not conclusive, but it’s an avenue that must be explored.

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