Jerry Lee Lewis, 1935-2022

A member of the inaugural Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class and the most recent Country Music Hall of Fame class is gone at 87.

Putin’s Nuclear Gambit

The threat is not idle and the options for responding are not good.

newspaper newspaper

The Declining Market for News

Reading habits continue to evolve, not necessarily for the better.

It’s Good to Be King

Apparently, Charles III is quite well off.

Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

The UK’s longest-reigning monarch has passed, aged 96.

Social Justice the New Religion?

The intersection of politics, morality, and meaning.

Prince Charles Charity Accepted £1m from Bin Laden Family

Some light fundraising whilst waiting for mum to die.

General Breedlove’s Integrity

Are retired officers on defense boards presumed liars?

Russian Flagship Sunk by Ukraine

Another morale booster for the good guys.

Madeleine Albright, 1937-2022

A trailblazing diplomat has died at 84.

West Shamed Into Action

Actions deemed unthinkable days earlier are suddenly mandatory.

Ukraine Invasion Sending History in a New Direction?

The ferocity of the global reaction to Putin’s invasion is stunning.

Russia Really Invades Ukraine

Putin’s forces are in Kyiv.

Meat Loaf, 1947-2022

The singer and actor, born Marvin Lee Aday, is gone at 74.

Violence Inequality

The safety gap between affluent, white and poor, minority communities has grown over the last three decades.

Sidney Poitier, 1927-2022

A pioneering Black actor is gone at 94.

CDC Lessens Quarantine Recommendations Despite Omicron’s Spread

The flurry of news around the new variant is dizzying.

Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary

A long peek at history in the making.

Is Autocracy Really Winning?

A depressing magazine piece argues it is.

China’s Olympic Machine

A massive investment falls just short. This time.

Dusty Hill, 1949-2021

ZZ Top’s longtime bass player is gone.

Democratic Erosion in Brazil

Part of a disturbing trend.

G-7 Approves Corporate Tax Floor

A major first step to solving a longstanding global issue.

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Britain Nears Herd Immunity

More than 73 percent of Britons will be vaccinated or previously-infected by Monday.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler, 1954-2021

An all-time boxing legend is gone.

The Pending Electoral Vote Challenge

It will be symbolic, but the symbol will be an anti-democratic one.

Sean Connery, 1930-2020

The iconic actor best known as the original movie James Bond is dead at 90.

The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free

It’s much easier to fund bad information than good.

If Minneapolis Were Happening Elsewhere…

A solid piece of satire.

More on the Lack of a Rally Effect for Trump

Some global comparisons.

No, We’re Not Living in the 19th Century

The pandemic is massively more livable given modern technology.

Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care

The British PM is very sick from COVID-19.

booze alcohol whisky booze alcohol whisky

WHO Says Alcohol Not Good Coping Strategy

What do they know, anyway?

Cancer Causes Genetic Changes Years Before Symptoms

A promising new study.

Brexit Takes A Big Step Forward With Win In Parliament For Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan scored a big win in Parliament, which makes a January 31st Brexit essentially inevitable.

Lessons For The U.S. In The British Elections?

What lessons are there for the United States in general, and Democrats in particular, in last weeks British election?

Conservatives Score Historic Win In British Elections

Boris Johnson and the British Conservative Party scored a huge win in yesterday’s General Election, while Labour walked away with its biggest defeat in a generation.

Americans Disagree With Trump On Trade

New polling shows that the American public does not support the President and his trade war.

René Auberjonois, Benson and Star Trek Actor, Dead At 79

René Auberjonois, a long time character actor best known for his roles on Benson and Star Trek: Deep Space NIne, has died at 79.

House Intelligence Committee Releases Impeachment Inquiry Report

The House Intelligence Committee has released its report resulting from its investigation of the Ukraine scandal.

Trump Fine With Letting His Foolish Trade War Continue Past 2020 Election

President Trump said this morning that he’s fine with letting his trade war with the rest of the world continue all the way to the 2020 election.

Brexit And Scottish Independence

If the United Kingdom does go through with Brexit, it could lead to an existential crisis for the United Kingdom itself.

Polls Show Tories Headed For Big Victory In British Elections

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party are on course for a big win in December 12th’s General Election.

Macron Calls NATO ‘Brain Dead’ Due To Lack Of U.S. Leadership

French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the NATO alliance is suffering brain death due to President Trump’s neglect and lack of leadership.

Does Michael Bloomberg “Radiate Electability”?

One political scientist says yes. A bunch of others say wait, what?

Brexit Could Be The End Of The United Kingdom

Brexit seems like it’s inevitable at this point, and that could set in motion a series of events that would mean the end of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson In Strong Shape As General Election Campaign Begins

With the 2019 United Kingdom General Election campaign just starting, Boris Johnson and the Tories look to be in strong shape. However, anything can happen in the next six weeks.

United Kingdom Sets December 12th Election Date

Brits will head to the polls for the fourth time in four years with the future of Brexit on the ballot.

European Union Agrees To Brexit Deadline Extension

With just days to go before the end of the month, the European Union has agreed to another Brexit extension. Before we get there, though, thee’s likely to be another General Election.

California Rep. Katie Hill Resigns Amid Allegations Of Improper Sexual Behavior

Barely in office a year, California Congresswoman Katie Hill has been forced to resign in the face of inappropriate contact with a staff member and a campaign worker.