Tensions Flare Between India And Pakistan

While the rest of the world looks at other events, tensions are flaring in a long-standing global hot spot.

India And Pakistan Exchange Fire In Kashmir

As America prepares for a Presidential transition, an old conflict with a history of turning dangerous rears its head.

Seymour Hersh’s Osama Bin Laden Claims Don’t Pass The Smell Test

Seymour Hersh is out with a conspiracy theory about the death of Osama bin Laden that just doesn’t make sense.

Two Hostages, Including One American, Killed In Raid On Al Qaeda Targets

An attack on al Qaeda outposts in January resulted in the death of two hostages, but also resulted in the death of two high value al Qaeda targets.

Taliban Attack On Pakistan Kills Up To 126, At Least 100 Children

A day of terror at a school in Pakistan.

Why We Won’t Be Leaving Afghanistan Any Time Soon

Basically, it’s inconsistent with the strategy.

CIA Fake Vaccination Drive For Bin Laden DNA

So the CIA organized a fake vaccination drive in Pakistan in an attempt to get bin Laden family DNA. What could possibly go wrong?

Pakistan Boots U.S. From Drone Base We Weren’t Using Anyway

Our good ally Pakistan has publicly ordered us to leave a base used for “covert” CIA drone attacks.

Musing About the Near Future of U. S. Security Policy

I’ve begun to wonder about the future of U. S. security policy. This isn’t a serious analytical post; it’s just what I call “musing”—committing disorganized thoughts to writing.

Report: Decade Old “Secret Deal” With Pakistan Authorized Raid Against Bin Laden

Did a deal between the U.S. and Pakistan during the infancy of the war against al Qaeda play a role in the raid against Osama bin Laden?

Pakistan Tries, And Largely Fails, To Explain Itself

Pakistan is trying to explain how the world’s most wanted man was able to hide in plain sight for six years, and failing badly.

Al Qaeda Confirms Osama bin Laden Death

In a move sure to satisfy Deathers as much as a contemporaneous newspaper story satisfied Birthers, al Qaeda has released a statement confirming that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Pakistan Claims It Did Its Part To Catch Bin Laden

The question of how the world’s most wanted man could’ve hidden in plain sight in Pakistan continues to be asked.

Pakistan After Bin Laden: Frenemies Forever?

Changing our relationship status to Complicated.

What Did Pakistan’s Government Know?

And when did it know it?

Pakistan, You Got Some `Splainin’ To Do

How exactly was the most wanted man in the world able to hide in this house without anyone in Pakistan knowing about it?

Pakistani Man Unwittingly Live-Tweets Raid That Killed bin Laden

A Pakistani man named Sohaib Athar unwittingly became part of history in the early hours of Sunday morning when he started telling twitter about some odd events in Abbotabad, Pakistan

Sesame Street, Pakistan: Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Federal government is funding a Pakistan version of Sesame Street for $20 million.

New Wikileaks Cables Show Deep U.S. Concern Over Pakistan

The latest wrong of documents from Wikileaks show that American diplomats are as worried about Pakistan as the rest of us, and not quite sure how to deal with the situation.

Washington Fiddles While Pakistan Burns

While Americans concern themselves with domestic politics and mid-term elections, the situation in Pakistan seems to continue to get worse.