Fisk Outs Saddam Judge

Evening Standard – Newspaper exposes Saddam trial judge

The judge in charge of Saddam Hussein’s trial was in fear for his life today after his identity was revealed by a UK newspaper.

The Iraqi Special Tribunal had asked the media to protect his anonymity. But he was named by Robert Fisk, foreign correspondent of The Independent.

Downing Street warned that the judge now faced reprisals from Saddam loyalists. A Foreign Office source added: “Obviously this shows questionable judgment about an individual’s safety.” When TV footage was broadcast yesterday, censors made sure the judge was pictured only from behind.

Simon Kelner, editor of The Independent, defended his decision, saying: “This was not a British court, it was an Iraqi court. We don’t want to compromise the judge’s safety but the cameras showed side views of him and he was instantly recognised by many Iraqis.”


Arthur Chrenkoff and Damian Penny offer more warm thoughts of Fisk.

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  1. Mark Hasty says:

    Robert Fisk is one of the most dependable journalists on the planet.

  2. Mark,

    Yeah, he’s dependable alright. You can count on him to exaggerate the situation when bombs go astray, to do anything he can to undermine the U.S. military and to castigate us when that same military doesn’t do things he considers admirable. The hell with him.

  3. Mark Hasty says:

    Which is exactly what I meant. You can always count on Fisk to micturate on the cornflakes of freedom.