ESPN’s Jason Stark has some interesting suggestions for improving Major League Baseball. Several of them are things that have occured to me over the years watching the game and most would make the game move along faster without destroying its natural flow. One of the suggestions I strongly disagree with, despite its hearty embrace by many “purists” is #16 Ban All Body Armor. This “Barry Bonds” rule strikes me as plain silly. First, it’s a good idea for star players not to be hurt by pitchers who either intentionally (a’la Roger Clemons) or unintentionally (through sheer inability to control the ball) bean them with a hard spheroid traveling in excess of 90 MPH. Second, chicks dig the long ball. Fans like to see Barry Bonds put the ball into play on those rare occasions one comes within batting range. If he can do so more easily while standing closer to the plate, I’m all for it.

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James Joyner
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