From the “Things that Ain’t Gonna Happen” File

Via the LAT‘s Top of the Ticket:  ‘South California’ proposed as 51st state by Republican supervisor.

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  1. hey norm says:

    From the “Great comebacks to things that ain’t gonna happen” file:
    “If you want to live in a Republican state with very conservative right-wing laws, then there’s a place called Arizona,”

  2. John Burgess says:

    That’s it, then… So. Cal. can avoid the messy ’51st State’ thing by joining AZ!

    Of course, that’ll leave the No. Cal and East Cal folks jealous.

  3. Dave Schuler says:

    I think that Doug (or maybe James?) posted on this earlier. There are lots of political reasons that it won’t happen but there is a very solid practical reason that it won’t happen: water. The water that comes from the Sierra is vitally important to the rest of California and the north of California is vitally important to the south.

    While it’s fun thinking about dividing the Golden State up and doing so would probably have some benefits, it would also cause tremendous problems for the new states that resulted.

  4. jd says:

    What? Redistricting wasn’t good enough?

  5. WR says:

    Also, as Jerry Brown’s spokesguy pointed out, these counties all take more in state money than they pay in. They’ve got no industry, no jobs, no money. No wonder they want to call themselves South California — they’ll be economically the same as Mississippi and Alabama.