Happy New Baby

Here are two pictures of Katie, age one day, taken today.

Kim Joyner and Baby Katie, New Year 2009

Kim Joyner and Baby Katie, New Year 2009

James and Katie Joyner

James and Katie Joyner

Mom and baby are doing great. Katie’s been given the green light to go home but, alas, her mother has not. Kim’s been up and about all day and would have happily gone home this morning if they had let her. With a C-section, though, two overnights is non-negotiable. We expect to be discharged at 11 tomorrow morning.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Janis Gore says:

    Congratulations and good luck, Joyners.

    Sweet when they’re asleep, aren’t they?

  2. FireWolf says:


    And just because she gets to go home doesn’t mean mommy can cook and clean for you again ok?


  3. James Joyner says:

    Whadya mean “Again”? I do all the cooking as it is and we hire out most of the cleaning.

  4. carpeicthus says:


  5. markm says:


    Keep in mind, and I’m sure the docs will give you the rundown if they haven’t, but you are coming home with two babies tomorrow. Your wife will not be allowed to lift anything or do much at all for some time. Even the simple stuff like standing from a sitting position will require thought from both of you and she’s gotta think how to do it with no abdominal muscle usage.

    Just a little heads up and congrats again.

  6. Michael says:

    I’ll second Firewold and markm, but also ad that it’s equally important that she is up and moving too, otherwise the incision may not heal properly.

    Oh, and buy an electric bottle warmer to keep in the same room as the baby.

  7. dutchmarbel says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. I sympathize with Kim since my first delivery went like that too. Very hard to take your rest when you’re not supposed to carry anything for about six weeks.

  8. joyce says:

    Your baby looks just like you !!! Same hairline! Too cute. I had two c-sections. She will bounce back just fine. It is the hormone changes and sleep deprivation that needs nursing. Hang in there. They grow up too fast. Enjoy every minute.

  9. Neil1030 says:

    Didn’t know you were expecting. Congratulations! Kim looks great after having had such a serious procedure just a few hours earlier. Best wishes for the family in the New Year.

  10. hln says:

    Advice for Kim. The hospital is your 2009 vacation. Enjoy your stay as long as you can. They’ll be rude enough to send you home in the peak of your healing when you feel the worst.

    My hospital fed me steak and omelets and all the green beans and grapes I could eat…in addition to not having to do anything but attend to the baby and sleep myself.

    She’s darling, by the way, the baby. What’s the dowry situation?

  11. lunacy says:

    She is so beautiful.

    She will add a whole new dimension to the definition of Love for you and Kim.

    It was 22 years ago that I had my c-section. But I remember vividly the pain of simply evacuating, coughing and laughing. You just don’t know what those muscles do for you until you don’t have them available! But, as I recall, I mended pretty quickly.

  12. jen says:

    She’s a beautiful baby and you and Kim look great, if a bit tired. Get used to that.

    I concur with everything everyone else has said about c-section recovery. She’ll depend on you to help her in and out of bed – that was the tough one for me.

    And she’ll cry for no reason at random times and that will last for a few weeks at least. You’ll both be baffled by that – it’s just the hormones.

  13. charles johnson says:

    Whadya mean “Again”? I do all the cooking as it is and we hire out most of the cleaning.
    Posted by James Joyner | January 1, 2009 | 06:51 pm | Permalink

    You hire out the cleaning? Wait til Dave Schuler finds out what an elitist you are. He’ll quit the site and sit around in Confederate Flag PJs for three consecutive days.

  14. Steve Verdon says:


    You look better than I did after my son was born. You both look a bit tired (quite understandable). When my son was born I had to sleep over the two nights in the hospital (c-section for my son as well) and the bed/chair thingy they had in the room must have been from a medival torture chamber.

    Anyways, congratulations and get used to being tired. You wont sleep through the night for some time now, but I’m guessing you expected that. Especially you, for the next few days. You’ll get to be Mr. Mom for that time changing the diapers and carrying little Katie around. And yes, enjoy every second, they grow up very fast.

    Whadya mean “Again”? I do all the cooking as it is and we hire out most of the cleaning.

    As it should be (the men cooking part I mean).