Horrible Headline of the Day

Via the BBC:  Cancer ‘tidal wave’ on horizon, warns WHO.

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  1. mantis says:

    Hey, sometimes cancer earthquakes cause these things, donchaknow.

  2. rudderpedals says:

    Next up: The tsunami of tsoriasis.

  3. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Yeah, I read a little of this over at the Guardian. My immediate reaction was, “Just exactly who is surprised by this?” The longer people live, more and more of them will die of cancer. The body breaks down and everybody dies of something.

  4. Pinky says:

    Is there a tidal wave “cancer” on the way too?

  5. David in KC says:


  6. john personna says:

    It was significant that they put the second half on this:

    Radiation, both from the sun and medical scans

    Apparently, the medical industry is scanning us more than they should for our health.

  7. Hal_10000 says:

    I’m reminded of Math With Bad Drawings: “Tidal Wave of People Living Long Enough To Get Cancer, Predicts WHO”.

  8. David in KC says:

    @john personna: As someone who gets a full head and spinal MRI annually, wouldn’t surprise me that they are ordering more than are necessary.

  9. john personna says:

    @David in KC:

    That’s actually the good one:

    Like CT scans, MRI creates cross-section pictures of your insides. But MRI uses strong magnets instead of radiation to make the images.

    I just read something about over-use of CTs a day or two ago …

    Unnecessary medical radiation driving up U.S. cancer rates, two physicians say

    As always, one study should not convince, but … worrying.

  10. Franklin says:

    Cancer ‘tidal wave’ on horizon, warns WHO.

    I’d imagine this really only happens in the Tropic of Cancer, am I right?

  11. Brett says:

    It’s about what you would expect. With living standards going up along with life expectancies, you get more people living long enough to die from cancer, particularly cancer caused by bad life choices (such as smoking and drinking).

  12. john personna says:


    Sugar does not get off the hook …

    A global drive to tackle the causes of cancer linked to lifestyle, such as alcohol abuse, sugar consumption and obesity, has been urged on Monday by the World Health Organisation as it predicted the number of new cases could soar 70% to nearly 25 million a year over the next 20 years.

  13. grewgills says:


    “Tidal Wave of People Living Long Enough To Get Cancer, Predicts WHO”

    ^^^ THIS

  14. MarkedMan says:

    Don’t discount this by assuming it is all age related. Specifically, don’t underestimate what pollution can do. The Chinese have a liver cancer rate 4-5 times the US average. The Indians have lung disease, including cancer, at multiples of the US average. As more of these people obtain acceptable medical care more and more cases will be diagnosed. And considering the amount of heavy metals making its way into the food chain in these countries, you have to wonder if their will be an increase in violence.

  15. cleverboots says:

    Christie, Clinton, Huckabee. Three disastrous possibilities. Wake up, America!
    Do we really want a repeat of 2012? Third Party challenger, we need you!