HostingMatters Update

Via Jeff Quinton, I see that Michele Catalano is special and gets notices from HostingMatters:

Folks, please do not host copies of the video within the network here. Whatever your position on the availability of the video itself may be, from a technical standpoint, the network disruption created by having it on a server within this network is significant and unfairly impacts your fellow residents. We will be going through the servers looking for any copies, so if you receive a notice that we’ve disabled it, please abide by the notice and do not reenable it. Thanks.

Considering that I racked up nearly 100 gigs of bandwidth usage by hosting the video for just a few hours–well after the craze was subsiding–I can only imagine. I’m surprised the sites weren’t all crashing, considering that HostingMatters hosts InstaPundit, Wizbang, Backcountry Conservative, ASV, OTB, and several other sites that were affected by the surge.

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  1. Paul says:

    You realize everybody’s site meters are screwed for life?

    Kevin had a million visitors in 2 days. That chart will never look the same.

  2. SS says: Should make it possible to host the video without disrupting your hosting company. Sorry I didn’t ever talk about it, it’s what I’ve been doing with the video all along.