Humanity Leaves Its Mark On Mars


Well, this happened:

In a photo of Curiosity’s track patterns, published on the robotics section of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory site, the Mars rover appears to have traced out a very phallic design on the Red Planet’s dusty surface.

The rover’s picture went viral after being posted to Reddit’s r/funny subreddit page Tuesday, earning close to 40,000 “upvotes” in a matter of a few hours. According to The Huffington Post UK, NASA’s website crashed due to increased traffic as word of the “drawing” spread.

Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. brando_minich says:

    This is a bad sign that the robots are gaining intelligence. Though at least they have only reached the level of horny teenaged boys. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  2. Andy says:

    Alternative headline: “Mars Rover Discovers Red Planet is Similar to an Airport Restroom.”

  3. Well, that’s what Mars gets for passing out drunk at a party.

  4. ernieyeball says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you all. It looks like Jesus to me!

  5. rodney dill says:

    It won’t last…. Mars has dust storms.

  6. JKB says:

    Do the tracks leading from the camera represent the grasping hands of a Chinese woman?

  7. John Burgess says:

    Rule 34 of the Internet: there are no exceptions, including for AI.

  8. Alex says:

    NASA has been posting amazing space-related photos to the web essentially since the web was invented: the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, which launched in 1995, is probably one of the oldest continuously-operating websites out there. And with all those thousands of breathtaking photos, this is the one that’s so popular that it crashes their servers.

    I don’t know whether to be overwhelmingly amused or deeply depressed.

  9. anjin-san says:

    I sense that Howard Wolowitz is somehow behind this…