Iraqi Police Colonel Imad Jabouri Beheaded

Blasts punctuate country’s unrest (ContraCostaTimes)

Police officials disclosed Thursday that Imad Jabouri, a lieutenant colonel in the Iraqi traffic police, was grabbed a day earlier from in front of his home in the Sabaa Bour neighborhood in northern Baghdad by several armed men as he left for work.

The men beheaded Jabouri, who directed traffic at a busy intersection in front of the Green Zone, and fled with his police badge and pistol, according to a police official who declined to be named for security reasons.

“Those men cut off his head, and this is the way they kill the people who they think are spies and agents,” said the official, who said Jabouri’s absence from work Wednesday prompted inquiries into his whereabouts.

“I’m afraid they will use this badge in their next operations.”

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