Jen Aniston Forgets Brad Old Days

Henry Meller of the Daily Mail has an amusing take on Jennifer Aniston’s GQ cover appearance.

Jen forgets Brad old days (This is London)

Photo Desirable in denim: Jennifer Aniston in Her split from Brad Pitt left her feeling emotionally raw.

But as this picture shows, Jennifer Aniston seems to be bearing up pretty well.

Wearing only a pair of unbuttoned denim shorts, Miss Aniston, 36, struck a pose that will remind her ex-husband of exactly what he is missing.

Indeed, it is the kind of sexually provocative image one would more readily associate with the new love in his life, the twice-married and openly bisexual Angelina Jolie.

Pitt and Miss Aniston announced their separation in January and their divorce was finalised last month. The split followed months of fighting which was said to centre on Miss Aniston’s desire to start a family and Pitt’s fondness for Miss Jolie.

In addition to showing her more raunchy side, Miss Aniston also told the American GQ magazine that she had started to enjoy the attention of other men again.

Aniston is an attractive woman but, surely, Pitt knew that when they divorced. Angelina Jolie, however, is not exactly unattractive.

Photo: Angelina Jolie pictures


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  1. Anderson says:

    Damn, she is too skinny. Eat, Jen, eat!

  2. madie says:

    you ask me both jen and angie are way to skinny…everyone needs to remember it’s not how they look, but who treats him better. I have never been a fan a brads…I have always thought he was a bit over-rated….I do wish jen all the luck in the world….after what she has been through she deserves to be happy…only time will tell if brad made the right choice…

  3. Anderson says:

    Anyone who married Brad Pitt had to know what was coming, especially after l’affaire Gwyneth.

    So I don’t feel too sorry for Jen, even tho I thought she did a great job in The Good Girl.

  4. Rodney Dill says:

    I’ve always thought that Angelina was easy on the eyes, but I have to admit I find the Jen pic very appealing.

  5. cris says:

    i’ve always been more fan of angelina than jeniffer, but, let’s face it … aniston is just acting this way because she wants to be as raw as angelina is… way much people like angelina’s originality and rawness. aniston… don’t try so hard, honey… u can’t !!!

  6. McCain says:

    Man are those feet humongous or what?

  7. Bithead says:

    I’d say you got a candidate for Rodney’s next caption contest, James.

  8. little feet says:

    OMG you noticed the FEET too