A timely movie recommendation

A Man For All Seasons goes to the heart of our current political season

Podcast Recommendation

“The Rise of ‘Middle-Finger Politics’”

Whither Freakonomics?

The book spawned a cottage industry. But did it change the study of economics?

Privacy and Public Figures

No, I don’t feel terrible now.

Fulton County GA Prosecutor Fani Willis Fulton County GA Prosecutor Fani Willis

More On The Potential Disqualification Of Fani Willis

More on the potential conflict of interest in Georgia

Fulton County RICO Case Against Trump Facing Major Procedural Challenges

Fulton County Prosecutor’s alleged relationship with special prosecutor could derail the trial

Norman Lear, 1922-2023

A television icon is gone at 101.

Mike Johnson is Very Religious

His critics are focused on the wrong problem.

Is Trump Protected Because Of “Political Speech”?

Why “the First Amendment protects Trump” defense doesn’t make sense

Americans Becoming More Socially Conservative?

Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey has some interesting results.

Political Polarization and Marriage

Young Americans are increasingly ruling out those of the other party.

Another Reason to Dislike the Electoral College

“Red States” and “Blue State”

National Divorce

The lunatic fringe idea is both appealing and unworkable.

Who Does Netflix Think They Are, Anyway?

Understandable efforts to protect their market share are alienating customers who think they’re doing nothing wrong.

NY Congressman-Elect George Santos (AP Photo/John Locher) NY Congressman-Elect George Santos (AP Photo/John Locher)

A consequence of shrinking newsrooms

How an apparent serial fabulist got elected to Congress

An Observation on Geography-Based Representation

A thought inspired by the PA Senate race.

Walker’s Vist to Hugh Hewitt

An example of rationalization.

Loretta Lynn, 1932-2022

A country music icon is gone at 90.

Queer Couples, Divorce, and Custody Rights

An ugly divorce exposes a gap in our legal structure.

Maximal Angst Despite Minimal Cause

Quite often, political fights are about attitudes rather than issues and polices.

A Toxic Mix of Overcharging And Punitive Bail

An extraordinary example shines light on coercive factors that incentivize plea deals

Madeleine Albright, 1937-2022

A trailblazing diplomat has died at 84.

Peter Scolari, 1955-2021

The veteran character actor has died of cancer at 66.

There is No ‘Manchin Dilemma’

He beats the alternative.

Father’s Day Musings

Some semi-coherent thoughts on the occasion.

I love taxes police money Euros I love taxes police money Euros

A W-2 for Business Income

An interesting proposal to improve tax collection.

Party of Grievance

Not of governance.

Majority of Under-30 Adults Live with Parents

Already-high rates have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Is Presidential Impeachment Constitutional Dead Letter?

(At least the removal part)

Conservatives Score Historic Win In British Elections

Boris Johnson and the British Conservative Party scored a huge win in yesterday’s General Election, while Labour walked away with its biggest defeat in a generation.

Carroll Spinney, The Man Behind Big Bird, Dies At 85

A sad day for those of us who grew up watching Big Bird, Kermit, and the rest of the Muppets.

Regarding Hunter Biden

Seeking to have a US citizen investigated by a foreign government based on innuendo is a major problem.

California Rep. Katie Hill Resigns Amid Allegations Of Improper Sexual Behavior

Barely in office a year, California Congresswoman Katie Hill has been forced to resign in the face of inappropriate contact with a staff member and a campaign worker.

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Emoluments Clause Case Against Trump

A Federal Appeals Court has reinstated an Emoluments Clause lawsuit against the President that had been dismissed nearly two years ago.

Boris Johnson Loses Key Parliament Votes, But May Still Win In The End

The so-called “rebel alliance’ in the House of Commons continues to stack up wins against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but Johnson could still win in the end.

Johnson’s Opposition Has Few Options To Stop Suspension Of Parliament And Brexit

Parliament returns for a short period tomorrow, but there’s little time for those who hope to stop Boris Johnson’s plans to force a hard Brexit.

No-Deal Brexit Would Be A Disaster For The United Kingdom

A newly released report leaked from inside the British Government notes that a hard Brexit is likely to be a disaster for the British economy.

Parents Giving Up Custody of Kids to Scam Financial Aid

Dozens of well-off students from the Chicago area are getting college subsidies.

Mark Esper Confirmed As 27th Secretary Of Defense

Mark Esper has been confirmed and sworn in as the next Secretary of Defense, ending a period of nearly 100 days during which the Pentagon was headed by a succession of Acting Secretaries.

John Paul Stevens, Former Supreme Court Justice, Dies At 99

Just over nine years after retiring from the Supreme Court, former Associate Justice John Paul Stevens has passed away at the age of 99.

Trump Still Won’t Acknowledge The Truth About The Murder Of Jamal Khashoggi

Eight months later, the President and his Administration continue to refuse to acknowledge the truth about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Woman Charged With Burglary After Seizing Abusive Husband’s Guns

A Florida Woman is being charged with felony burglary after breaking into her estranged husband’s apartment to seize his guns and give them to the police.

Writer Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault in the 1990s.

Another woman has accused President Trump of sexually assaulting her some 20 years ago.

Trump To Nominate Mark Esper For Defense Secretary

Just days after being named the next Acting Secretary of Defense, the President is appointing Mark Esper to be full Secretary of Defense.

Patrick Shanahan Withdraws As Defense Secretary Pick

Patrick Shanahan is out as nominee to be Secretary of Defense after questions were raised during his background investigation.

On Eve Of State Visit, Trump Attacks Royal Family Member, Intereferes In British Politics

Hours before departing the United States for a pomp and circumstance filled State Visit to the United Kingdom, President Trump sticks his foot in his mouth.

Irish Voters Approve Liberalized Divorce Laws

Despite opposition from the Catholic Church, or perhaps in rebellion against it, Irish voters overwhelmingly approved a new law liberalizing that nation’s divorce laws.

May Seeks Extension Of Time To Stay In Office As Tory Hold On Power Becomes Precarious

British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking an extension on her promise to leave office at the same time that the political future of her Conservative Party becomes increasingly doubtful.

Fed Nominee Stephen Moore Has History of Controversial Remarks About Women

Stephen Moore, who has been nominated to a seat on the Federal Reserve Board by President Trump. has a history of controversial remarks about women.

Tiger Woods Pulls Off Masters Win After 11 Year Drought

Ending an eleven-year drought, Tiger Woods is back on top at a major tournament.