Jim Moran Refuses To Take Opponent’s Concession Phone Call

During the recently completed campaign, Virginia Congressman Jim Moran (D, Va-08)  made news by saying that his Republican opponent’s  24 year military career didn’t count as “public service” in the way that, say, being involved in the PTA did. It was an odd comment to make for a Congressman representing the district where the Pentagon is located, but there was never really any danger that Moran would lose and, quite honestly, the comment was of a piece with other classless comments that Moran has made during his career.

On Election Night, though, Moran took it to an entirely new level:

The same congressman who refused to accept military service as public service has also refused a concession call from his opponent he previously insulted.

A senior aide to Republican House candidate Patrick Murray in Virginia’s eighth congressional district, told Fox News that when Murray called Democratic incumbent Jim Moran to concede, the Moran camp refused to take his call.

You say classy there, Jim.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. MarkedMan says:

    It stinks when a tea partier acts like this and it stinks when a democrat does too. Classless and ignorant.

  2. Jim Moran was classless and ignorant before being classless and ignorant was cool

  3. Stewart says:

    It was ridiculous that FOX News originally ran this story especially doing so without the actual facts, although I shouldn’t be surprised, but it is even more pathetic that you would follow their blog posting with one of your own. As an attorney, shouldn’t you know better than to simply believe whatever you read, especially something on FOX News. Oh wait, I forgot that they are “fair and balanced” and always speak the truth, what was I thinking.

    As is frequently the case, FOX News posted an article with absolutely no actual reporting and simply to stir the pot. What actually happened is that Murray’s campaign manager, Mike Lane, and NOT the candidate himself, initially reached out to Moran only to then place him on hold as he apparently went to find Murray. After nearly 10 minutes on hold, the Congressman who was in the process of going to address his supporters at the time of the call, had no choice but to hang up and continue on with his evening.

    I can only imagine that Mike Lane, who is as slimy as they come, informed FOX News that Moran refused the concession call knowing that they would jump on this without actually looking into the story themselves. The claim was completely untrue but FOX News and, clearly you as well, could care less about the truth. Absolutely pathetic. Keep up the great writing!