John Thune Jabs Sarah Palin, Other 2012 Rivals, In CPAC Speech

South Dakota Senator John Thune, who says he is close to a decision about running for President, took a jab at Sarah Palin and other potential rival in his CPAC speech today:

I’ve never had a book signing.

I’ve been to Iowa plenty of times, but it’s usually on the way to South Dakota.

And the closest I’ve come to being on a reality TV show is CSPAN’s live coverage of the Senate floor.

It’ s not the most exciting television but it did have a good ending last year…

The truth is I spend most of my time either back in South Dakota talking with the people who elected me or in the Senate working hard on their behalf

I was in the room and the reality show line drew a good laugh from the crowd, to be honest.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. mantis says:

    Obviously Thune is just a big liberal who is afraid of strong women, and he is probably part of the greatest fascist enterprise the world has ever known, JOURNOLIST. Just ask Kenny G.

  2. pylon says:

    Was the “good ending” the end of DADT ?

    hee hee

  3. Charlie Dickman says:

    John Thune is our best shot of beating Obama in 2012. If he does not run then we probably won’t win. I don’t see any other candidate who could beat Obama. A Thune/Pawlenty ticket in 2012 with Thune from South Dakota and Pawlenty from neighboring Minnesota would be the formidable ticket comparable to Clinton from Arkansas and Gore from Tennessee in 1992.

    Thune is very conservative but laid back and a nice guy. We can’t win without him.

  4. EddieInCA says:

    If John Thune is the best shot of beating Obama, bring it on. The man is a complete and utter lightweight.

    The next time he has a serious policy proposal will be the first time. Ever.

    Good looking? Yes.
    Charismatic? Yes.
    Smart? Debatable.
    Serious? Definitely not.

    Obama would/will look like the adult in the room in a one-on-one with Thune.

  5. wr says:

    One thing about the Clinton Gore ticket — people in Tenessee still liked Gore back then. Not so much Pawlenty and his home state…

  6. Smooth Jazz says:

    “Obviously Thune is just a big liberal who is afraid of strong women, and he is probably part of the greatest fascist enterprise the world has ever known, JOURNOLIST. Just ask Kenny G.”

    Hey Listen up you far left whackjob: I liked a couple of cuts on KG’s 1986 Duotones album, “Don’t Make Me” fronted by former Tower of Power Lead Singer, Lenny Williams, and “You Make Me Believe” fronted by Claytoven Richardson. Other than those 2 songs, I don’t care much for KG’s other work. I’m not sure where my association with him came from. If you really want to know my taste in music, this 1981 classic by the Wheelchair bound artist, Robert Winters, is among my favorite songs of all time:

    Regarding John Thune and his “jabs” at Gov Palin, I say the more the merrier. I actually like Senator Thune and believe he has the potential to go along way. As far his “jabs” at Gov Palin, I consider that par for the course. She may be a rival if they both go for the nomination so taking a shot at her wouldn’t be unusual. If Gov Palin runs, she is going to have to earn the nomination, with policy positions that make sense and a “presence and delivery” that puts people at ease that they can imagine her in the oval office. I just don’t think she should be disqualified and told to go home before she makes her case.

  7. charlie dickman says:

    Good point. Then how about Thune picks Marco Rubio for VP.

  8. anjin-san says:


    Everyone knows you have a Kenny G tatoo over your heart. Sorry, that cat is out of the bag. As for Robert Winters, he just sounds like a poor mans Russell Thompkins, Jr.

  9. mantis says:

    You’re like a moth to a flame, Kenny.

  10. TG Chicago says:

    EddieinCA: Your description of Thune sounds like a better-looking version of the last 2-term Republican president. Not sure that will keep him from winning.