It appears that the other shoe is about to drop: Jordan’s Strained Ties to Wizards May Be Cut. While I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan, who frankly was the only reason I watched basketball at all the last decade or so, his stint with the Washington Bullets/Wizards has been a fiasco. His magnificence on the court did not translate to the front office where he wasted several high draft picks and made one dumb move after another. His second un-retirement was entertaining and certainly brought the Wizards some much-needed ticket sales and television exposure, but the personnel moves that accompanied it in an attempt to “win now” not only produced yet two more seasons of missing the playoffs–which you almost have to try to do in the NBA whose regular season was once described by the late Lewis Grizzard as 82 games to eliminate Sacramento–and a team arguably worse than the one he started with.

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  1. John Lemon says:

    …for the fourth time. Will it ever end?! Retire already, will ya!