Late Night OTB – Hugh Laurie

“House” star Hugh Laurie takes advantage of his hosting duties on “Saturday Night Live” (October 28, 2006) to sing a deep and meaningful protest song. Personally, this made me want to go out there, and well, you’ll see…

UPDATE (James Joyner):

Lyrics courtesy Jennifer Designs

The Protest Song (aka “The Answer”) – Hugh Laurie

“This is a protest song”

well the poor keep gettin hungry
and the rich keep gettin fat
politicians changed
but they never gonna change that

girl we got the answer
it’s so easy you wont believe

all we gotta do is …….

well the winds of war is blowin
and the tide is comin in
dont you be hopin for the good times
cus’ the good times have already been

girl we got the answer
its so easy you wont believe
all we gotta do is …..

its so easy to see
if only they’d listen to you and me

we got to ….. as fast as we can
we got to …… every woman every man
we got to …. time after time
we got to …. bunker and lime

well the world is gettin weary
and it wants to go to bed
everybody’s dyin
‘cept the ones that are already dead

girl we got the answer
starin us right in the face

all we gotta do is
all we gotta do is
all we gotta do is


Numerous Internet sources say this was originally done on BBC’s “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” in the early 1990s.

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