A former colleague reminded me via e-mail of a particularly insipid comment by Sen. Carl Levin on Fox News Sunday yesterday:

SNOW: At this point, the charge of unilateralism seems interesting, because we now have 18 European nations on the record saying they support the United States, three on record saying they have qualms. It appears that we’ve got the majority of Europe on our side. A number of our allies now in the region, including Jordan and Turkey, seem to be on our side as well.

So it certainly no longer is fair to say the administration is acting unilaterally, is it?

LEVIN: The way the word “unilateral” is used means without the authority specifically of the U.N. to use military force. That’s the way the term “unilateral” is used, because that U.N. authority makes a big difference.

The whole thing is worth reading. The man is none too bright. I suspect he’ll be throwing his hat into the presidential contest any day now.

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