Let’s review:

Howard Dean imploded on national television last Tuesday, has been the butt of jokes all over America, and is outpolling Lieberman by a factor of five.

Wesley Clark is apparently sharing brain waves with Dennis Kucinich, has been campaigning for a tiny fraction of the time, is named “Wesley,” and has managed to double Lieberman’s totals.

Suspending? What, he’s hoping all the candidates able to break the single digits will die?

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James Joyner
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  1. McGehee says:

    If he has a delegate, “suspending” let’s him keep it. And hug it and love it and name it George.

    And maybe let him try to get a shot at Veep.

  2. A rare snark…
    From my political science hero, James Joyner. Ya’ll have got to see this!…

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  4. blogoSFERICS says:

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