Line of the Day (“Who Put You in Charge?” Edition)

Jeb Bush at the Alfalfa Club dinner:

With two presidents in the family, he said, you got to deal with a lot of bossiness. “If I say, ‘Who put you in charge?’, Dad says, ‘The American people.’ And George says, ‘The Supreme Court, five to four.’ “


Steven L. Taylor
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  1. sam says:

    Bush the elder told a funny story on himself (funny to me, anyway). It was about his golf game. When he was president and playing golf, if he had a longish putt, his playing partners would all say, “Pick it up, Mr. President.” “Since I’m out of office, ” he said, “it’s always, ‘Putt it out George, putt it out.’ “

  2. Eric says:

    That’s hilarious!

  3. OzarkHillbilly says:

    I always did like Jeb. Would never vote for him but you can’t have it all.

  4. Moosebreath says:

    Apparently it wasn’t even the best joke there. From the Washington Post:

    “[former Justice] O’Connor waded into the Republican presidential campaign with a joke about Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich that drew a lot of laughter.

    According to ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser, who was at the Capital Hilton for the dinner, O’Connor said that of the two leading Republican candidates, “one is a practicing polygamist, and he’s not even the Mormon.””


  5. merl says:

    I’ve always liked the elder Bush, not that I voted for him or anything. I just admired his Naval Service. He was the youngest Naval Aviator ever at the time. He should have been called a war hero, not Crash McCain. All McCain ever did was crash 4 planes during training and then get shot down and captured. Big whoop.

  6. An Interested Party says:

    And George says, ‘The Supreme Court, five to four.’ “

    The truth is often quite funny…the results of that truth, though, not so much…