House Majority Leader Vote Liveblogging

Mike Krempasky and Tim Chapman are on it. The former has a super-secret inside photo of the proceedings.

Update: It looks like Shadegg, favorite of the conservative punditocracy, is toast.



Blunt 110
Boehner 79
Shadegg 40
Ryun 2

UPDATE 1:31: Top three go to the next ballot. But word is Shadegg withdrew. If Shadegg’s voters go to Boehner en bloc, get ready for Majority Leader Boehner.

Certainly, that would be my strong choice at this point. Such an alliance makes sense, since Blunt is the status quo candidate.

Update 2: AP’s David Espo confirms: Blunt, Boehner in Majority Leader Runoff

Update 3: Chapman:

UPDATE 1:47: Blunt vs. Boehner balloting closed. Counting now…


Update 5: Dodd Harris notes below that, “Well, this shows one thing: Conservative bloggers have a lot less influence with our “leaders” than the Lefties do with theirs.” That thought occured to me as well. Still, Blunt–the consensus third choice of conservative bloggers and professional pundits–was defeated. In a party where the guy whose turn it is almost always win, that’s something.

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  1. Dodd says:

    Well, this shows one thing: Conservative bloggers have a lot less influence with our “leaders” than the Lefties do with theirs.

  2. Krempasky says:

    Dodd couldn’t be further from the truth. Boehner spent a lot of time and effort making nice with the blogs who then spent all their time directing fire at another candidate. I expect some pretty cool things out of the GOP conference as it relates to blogs under the new Majority Leader.

  3. Dodd says:

    I’ll grant you that Boehner helped himself that way, but Shadegg, the overwhelming conservative blogger choice, only amassed 40 votes. Compare to what the Kos-ites managed over Alito and I think you’ll see a significant difference in influence.