Casey Anthony Trial Got More News Coverage Than GOP Candidates

The biggest news story of the past six weeks was something completely trivial.

Florida Pastor Says He Will Protest Court Order, May Sue Dearborn For Violating His Rights

Terry Jones may sue the City of Dearborn for its prior restraint actions against him. And he should.

GOP To Drop “Forcible Rape” Language From Abortion Bill

In response to charges that it was attempting restrict abortion access beyond the boundaries of the Hyde Amendment, the GOP has agreed to drop the phrase “forcible rape” from its abortion bill.

You Can Never Please A Palin Supporter

The same people who were complaining a week ago that the media was obsessed with Sarah Paln are now complaining that a media figure has suggested she doesn’t deserve the coverage she gets.

Deficits, the CBO and H.R. 2

When determining the effects on the deficit of a certain legislative action, both revenues and spending have to be accounted for. Indeed, you can’t determine whether there is a deficit, surplus or balanced budget without both variables.

Cell Phones and Election Polls

The growing number of cell-phone-only households gives Democrats hope that the polls are undercounting them.

Johnny Carson as Carnak Johnny Carson as Carnak

2010 Election Predictions

We’ve been talking about the 2010 elections since, oh, the day after the 2008 elections.   Now, it’s time for final predictions.

I Fear the Government (When the Other Party Runs Things)

Republicans greatly fear the government — when Democrats are in power. And vice versa.

Manly Thoughts

The Future of Suburbia


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Beltway Traffic Jam

Beltway Traffic Jam

Beltway Traffic Jam