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OTB Radio The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live tonight from 7-8 Eastern.

I’ll be joined tonight by Chris Lawrence, Dave Schuler, and Dodd Harris. We’ll be talking about why Americans don’t read and whether it really matters; California’s plans to shake up the Electoral College; Washington Monthly‘s alternative college rankings; and the Michael Vick case.

We’ll also take your calls at (646) 716-7030.

UPDATE: Dodd joined us a few minutes into the show. I think we covered the topics nicely and everyone was able to get their thoughts in.

If you missed it live (or, for some odd reason, want to hear it again) you can click the link above. Alternatively, the embedded media player below will play the show for you.

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  1. Triumph says:

    The 2000 World Series had the MEts meet the Yanks. The Yankees won 4-1, scoring 19 runs throughout the series vs. 16 for the Mets.

  2. Triumph says:

    Marcus Vick was released by the Dolphins in May.

  3. James Joyner says:

    Thanks! That’s the problem with not having a producer and a research staff!

  4. Yeah, I thought he’d been released by Miami but wasn’t sure if anyone else had picked him up.

    Then again, the only team that desperate for a QB at the moment is Atlanta… and I don’t think he’s going there.

  5. Triumph says:

    No problem–I tried calling, but my cell phone gets no reception in the office. I wanted to get the panel’s take on the crazy comments from the Atlanta NCAAP Prez on Vick.

    It would be cool if you could get a Skype hookup–or some way to submit IM/email questions.

  6. James Joyner says:

    It would be cool if you could get a Skype hookup–or some way to submit IM/email questions.

    BTR is supposed to be introducing a click-to-talk function soon. Not sure about IM but that’s always a possibility.