MAYBE AN ‘F’ BOMB, THOUGH: Drudge reports that Pentagon officials are leaning against the use of an E-Bomb against Iraq. Details are sketchy, but I would hazard a guess that, in addition to the mentioned “alienate civilian population” rationale, there is no real need for it against such a relatively primative foe. Much more useful info is available in this piece by Phil Brennan of NewsMax and this piece in the Weekly Standard. It wasn’t that long ago that EMP disruptions were one of the projected effects of thermonuclear war. Now we’ve apparently succeeded in turning it into a weapon all its own.

For those with a whole lot more knowledge of physics than I have, here’s an incredibly detailed guide published by the Air Force. Amazingly, these are the same people who have taken faculty e-mail and biographical information off of their website because it might be too useful to terrorists. Hmmmmm.

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