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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    So apparently Elizabeth Warren had a light hearted moment on SNL Saturday night.
    And apparently a lot of folks enjoyed it.

    And now the world is full of traitors to the cause?

  2. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Stock markets in Europe and the US are braced for their biggest falls since the 2008 financial crisis after the trading week began with panic selling amid the double threat of a coronavirus-driven global recession and an oil-price war.

    The FTSE 100 was projected to plunge by 6.3% when trading begins on Monday, while the Dow Jones industrial average was on course to lose 4.9% in New York.

    It follows huge losses on Asian markets on Monday, where fears about the worsening worldwide economic slowdown were exacerbated by the shock decision by Saudi Arabia over the weekend to increase oil production in an attempt to drive competitors such as Russia and the US out of the market.

    The price of Brent crude oil fell nearly 30% to $31.14 on Monday, its biggest single fall since the start of the first Gulf war in 1991. Some experts predicted it could fall even further unless the Saudis and Russians returned to the bargaining table.

    “I think all forecasts are out the window,” said Jonathan Barratt, chief investment officer at Probis Securities in Sydney. “It seems like a race to the bottom to secure order(s).”

  3. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Alabama bill may lift yoga ban in public schools but prohibit ‘namaste’ greeting

    Alabama might finally enter the 20th century in 2020.

    The Alabama Board of Education in 1993 voted to prohibit yoga, hypnosis and meditation in public school classrooms. The ban was pushed by conservative groups, and some schools have reported complaints from parents who say the practice endorses a “non-Christian belief system”.

    Yes, we must protect the little chilluns from the ungodly influences of knowledge and well being.

    The Alabama yoga ban got new attention in 2018 when an old document circulated listing yoga – along with games like tag and “duck, duck, goose” – among activities deemed to be inappropriate in gym class, according to the board.

    Duck duck goose might sound innocent but that’s just the first step on the slippery slope of Godless hedonism.

    The ancient practice of yoga has its roots in Hinduism, though it is now a common form of exercise practiced across the world, including in private gyms in Alabama.

    Even private gyms in Alabama? Oh my… Those dawg damned libtards are probably in the showers too!

    Gray’s bill seeks to dissociate yoga from its religious roots, and says that local school systems can decide if they want to teach yoga poses and stretches. However, the moves and exercises taught to students must have exclusively English names, according to the legislation. It would also prohibit the use of chanting, mantras and teaching the greeting “namaste”.

    What do you want to bet the phrase, “Jesus loves you.” is perfectly acceptable?

    I take it back. Alabama is no where near ready to exit the 14th century.

  4. Bill says:
  5. gVOR08 says:

    @Bill: If it happened in Alabama it would be touted as a miracle. Akin to the loaves and fishes, or even the face of Jesus in a piece of burnt toast.

  6. Sleeping Dog says:

    The Simple Reason the Left Won’t Stop Losing

    This dovetails with a few exchanges that went on yesterday.

    In Minnesota in the 80’s, when I was actively working on political campaigns I witnessed the purity over victory behavior repeatedly. It was pretty typical that the lefties would pack the caucus and reward the most liberal candidate. Far too often that person would receive the parties nomination at the convention only to be defeated by a moderate who better reflected the district, at the primary. These were typically state legislative races, though it also popped up for city council seats as well as governor and mayor.

    This purity of victory disease also effected Rethugs, who in 1994, denied the parties gubernatorial nomination to the sitting Rethug governor, he prevailed in the primary and won reelection.

  7. KM says:

    @Sleeping Dog:
    Caucuses are exercises in peer pressure. If your preferred candidate doesn’t make it past round one, you get bombarded by pressure to pick another swiftly and are given little if any time to properly consider your choice. The “logic” is that you should have a second and third choice in mind for when your (inevitably) failed underdog preference loses but realistically, that never happens. People who go to caucus tend to be passionate about their guy but not well-informed about all choices… hell, look at the lady that tried to take her vote for Pete back, they’re not always up-to-date on their own guy!

    So what it comes down to is who’s got the best guilters and bullies. It’s not even proper persuasion since you can have only minutes to make what’s a world-changing decision. It’s all about the quick sell…. or the peer pressure of “vote for us, we’re way cooler then X!” Of course caucuses tend to produce more extreme candidates then just voting for all choices would – it’s the extreme followers of those candidates running around pushing you to make your choice emotionally rather then intellectually.

  8. Teve says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: huh?

  9. KM says:

    Trump retweeted an image of himself with clear Nero imagery, states “IDK what it means but I like it!!” and then his supporters get bitchy when people point out the bleeding obvious and their evident cultural ignorance.

    “Oh, what do you know normie, you don’t get memes!” is trying to gain traction, as is the late-recognition of an oopsie the one MAGAt who paid attention in class and is trotting out the “fiddles weren’t invented till the 16th century, now who’s ignorant lefties dur dur dur”. The thing is, memes are imagery and imagery relies heavily on common-references for you to be able to understand it. You can change an existing meaning but to do that, you have to get people to understand what you are talking about in the first place. Nero fiddling while Rome burns is a trope so old it was being used in political cartoons during this country’s founding. You see a politician with anything even close to a fiddle in an image, that’s what it’s referencing. These idiots are either so clueless they didn’t think we’d make the clear connection or they’re so ill-educated they didn’t know who Nero was or have heard the term before. Considering Trump *literally* tweeted “Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!” it’s ignorance for the win and trying to spin this just makes them and him look even dumber.

  10. OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Teve: AOC said on twitter that she enjoyed it. And that began the fun.

  11. OzarkHillbilly says:

    @KM: These idiots are either so clueless they didn’t think we’d make the clear connection or they’re so ill-educated they didn’t know who Nero was or have heard the term before.

    I’ll take Door #2.

  12. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Pachelbel’s Canon, as you’ve never heard it before.

    Pretty much makes this whole internet thing worthwhile. Well, almost.

  13. Teve says:

    Holy fuck balls the DJIA just opened 1,833 down.

  14. OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Teve: Wall Street hates trump.

  15. Liberal Capitalist says:

    She knows… She plans… She has sting rays with fricken lasers on their heads.

    Tulsi continues: Demanding to be on the DEM Biden / Sanders debate stage:

    Dems say:… not a fricken chance. 20% of delegates or GTFO.

  16. wr says:

    Sad to see that Max Von Sydow, star of what some (like me!) call the greatest film of all time, The Seventh Seal, died at 90.

  17. mattbernius says:

    Well I guess today will be the day when we find out what happens when someone ties their political brand directly to stock market performance.

    [Addendum: Any over unders on if or when any of the Trump Advocates who hate read OTB will actually post anything affirmative about how well the President and his staff are handling all of the externalities?

    I don’t mean anything blaming Obama or the Democrats, but actually going on record and defending the President’s handling of things and saying that they think he’s done/is doing a good job?]

  18. Bill says:


    Sad to see that Max Von Sydow, star of what some (like me!) call the greatest film of all time, The Seventh Seal, died at 90.

    The Seventh Seal was a great movie.

    Von Sydow also played Jesus Christ in The Greatest Story Ever Told and spydom’s version of the Antichrist, Ernst Starvo Blofeld, in Never Say Never Again. Sadly Von Sydow’s acting talent was rarely used to its utmost in English speaking films. RIP.

  19. Liberal Capitalist says:


    Holy fuck balls the DJIA just opened 1,833 down.

    May you live in interesting times.

  20. Kathy says:


    These idiots are either so clueless they didn’t think we’d make the clear connection or they’re so ill-educated they didn’t know who Nero was or have heard the term before.

    Not confined to their side of the aisle.

    Once in a message board I told a troll “You’re dead to me,” and he complained I was making death threats. the board owner, who’s fairly liberal, took it that way, too.

    On to Nero. After being widely blamed for the fires that devastated Rome, he tried to shift the blame on the Christians, and unleashed one of Rome’s periodic persecutions of them. Many were crucified and burned.

    Just the image to fire up his evangelicals, eh?

  21. Sleeping Dog says:


    I’ve long expected a correction and a recession, but this is moving into worrisome territory. Add to that the fear that we maybe facing a long period of slow growth in asset value…

    Of course in the short term, retirees will be the hurt first. Hopefully they’ll take it out on Tiny.

  22. OzarkHillbilly says:


    Just the image to fire up his evangelicals, eh?

    Tell me that was on purpose. Please.

  23. Kathy says:


    Of course it was.

  24. Mikey says:

    @Bill: “Malfunction.”

  25. OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Kathy: I love it. 🙂 I had to ask because it is just the sort of thing I would do without even realizing it.

  26. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Florida Pig visits North Yorkshire, Burning calories: pig starts farm fire by excreting pedometer

    Firefighters in North Yorkshire have tackled a blaze that broke out after a pig swallowed a pedometer which then combusted in its pen after excretion.

    The fire crews were called to a blaze covering 75 square metres at four pigpens in Bramham, near Leeds, on Saturday afternoon.

    The North Yorkshire fire and rescue service said the fire was caused by “nature taking its course” and copper from the pedometer battery reacting with dry hay and the pigpen’s contents.

    The pedometer was being used to prove the animal was free range and had been taken off one of its fellow pigs.

    No animals were harmed as a result of the fire.

    “Should be an oink not a tweet,” said the fire service on social media. “A hosereel was used to extinguish the fire and save the bacon.”

  27. CSK says:

    @wr: @Bill:

    Sad indeed. Von Sydow was one of the greats. Mart Crowley (The Boys in the Band) has died as well.

  28. Joe says:

    Holy fuck balls the DJIA just opened 1,833 down.

    How this relates to market’s reaction to the current administration’s handling of Coronavirus and related externalities, Liberal Capitalist, is way too complicated for any the administration’s fanboys to understand, let alone concede.

  29. Teve says:

    What the fuck is wrong with this mental patient.


    The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!

    7:40 am 3/9/20

  30. grumpy realist says:

    This morning at my sports club I noted postings about what they’re doing to cut down on transmission of any potential virus via increased cleaning of equipment, etc. I stopped by the front desk on the way out and suggested they add the elevator buttons and elevator call buttons to the list of things to be cleaned more often. (They immediately jotted down my suggestion.)

  31. CSK says:

    Did he delete this Tweet? I didn’t see it.

  32. Teve says:

    @CSK: nope.


  33. CSK says:

    Thanks. God, Trump is rabidly jealous, isn’t he?

  34. gVOR08 says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: Thanks. Thomas the Tank Engine makes it.

  35. sam says:

    First case in NM at Sandia National Labs.

  36. Teve says:

    @sam: 600 confirmed cases in the US now. Probably tens of thousands in reality.

  37. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: I heard that on a radio station recently and was wondering why someone detuned a synthesizer. Now it makes a lot more sense. And the video treatment makes me nostalgic for riding trains again. 🙁

  38. Mister Bluster says:

    The day went by just as days go by. I killed it in accordance with my primitive and withdrawn way of life. I worked for an hour or two, had pains, took some opium and lay in a hot bath for two hours. Was glad when the pains consented to disappear. All in all it wasn’t exactly a day of rapture. Perhaps the time is come to follow the example of Adalbert Stifter: a fatal accident while shaving…

    RIP Harry Haller

  39. Tyrell says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: Evidently they have not caught on. Many school systems have yoga but call it something else, like “movement exploration” or “focused exercise”. That way no one complains.

  40. CSK says:

    The Daily Beast is reporting that the Netflix series Dirty Money will be doing an episode on Jared Kushner, whom they dub “a tier-one predator” for his loathsome business practices. The episode title is “Slumlord Millionaire.”

  41. Mister Bluster says:

    Girls Find Cop’s Gun in Bathroom at Catherine Cook School in Old Town
    A gun found Friday by students at Catherine Cook School in Old Town has been linked to an off-duty Chicago police officer who works security and is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation.
    The three girls were in a women’s bathroom about 2:30 p.m. at the school, located at 226 W. Schiller St., when they found the gun, according to Chicago police.
    The girls reported it to school officials and the gun was secured by security officers, police said.
    After a police report was filed, authorities learned the gun belonged to an off-duty Chicago police officer who worked security at the school and an internal affairs investigation was opened, police said.

  42. gVOR08 says:

    @Mister Bluster: Please tell me the cop is female.

  43. An Interested Party says:

    Sad to see that Max Von Sydow, star of what some (like me!) call the greatest film of all time, The Seventh Seal, died at 90.

    And traveling from one end of the cinematic spectrum to the other, let’s not forget this

  44. Kathy says:

    BTW, when using hand sanitizer, make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol. And don’t wipe it off. it’s supposed to dry on your hands.

  45. Mister Bluster says:

    @gVOR08:..Please tell me the cop is female.

    I thought about that too. I reread the story I posted from the local Chicago NBC WMAQ Channel 5 web page, which turns out to be a Chicago Sun-Times (that would be a newspaper) story and checked several other local Chicago media sites.
    None of them identify the Chicago Police Department officer by name or gender.
    There is an internal CPD investigation going on so it could be there are privacy issues involved.

  46. An Interested Party says:

    @CSK: Any time Republicans mention the name of Hunter Biden, they should immediately be reminded of the scumbag son-in-law of their dear leader…once again, a weakness for Biden illustrates itself to be an even bigger problem for Trump…