NADER CALLS BUSH ‘DICTATOR’: Former Green Party spoiler Ralph Nader has some strong words about President Bush:

The war in Iraq developed instead, he said, from “a messianic militaristic determination turned by a closed mind, facilitated by a cowering Congress and opposition Democrat Party and undeterred by a `probing’ press.”

Bush is acting “in effect as a selected dictator,” Nader told the Mercury News in an interview Friday. The president has not listened to any of the many retired admirals, generals and foreign-policy experts who have warned against the war, Nader said. And the stated reasons for going to war “have either been disproved or greatly distorted,” he said.

The greatest danger will come, Nader said, after the war has been won. Bush, whom he called “a hit-and-run president,” will not stick with the difficult, protracted process of rebuilding Iraq and making it democratic, he said.

There was a time when Nader was a respectable kook. It has passed.

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James Joyner
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