Newt Leads Nationally

The latest Gallup Poll puts Newt Gingrich in the national lead for the GOP nomination:

Next, I'm going to read a list of people who are running for the 2012 Republican nomination for president. After I read the names, please tell me which candidate you are most likely to support for the nomination, or if you would support someone else. November-December 2011 trend

Of course, there is no national primary, but this metric does substantially underscore Gingrich’s rise within the pool.

It does appear pretty clear that Cain’s supporters are going to Gingrich.

Romney’s boring steadiness continues.

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  1. This is Gallup’s new Tracking poll, so it will be interesting to watch over the coming weeks/months.

  2. @Doug Mataconis: Indeed.

  3. MBunge says:

    I hope someone beyone the usual Beltway suspects writes a book about this GOP primary season because it’s an absolutely fascinating story. You’ve got the Not Romney factor, Perry’s faceplant, Cain’s explosion paving the way for Newt’s revival, the incredibly wrong-headed establishment attention given to Pawlenty and Hunstman, the Palin and Trump teases, Santorum’s thought provoking irrelevancy and more.