Nuanced? Kerry’s Confusing Story

Mark Steyn asserts:

John Kerry is too strange to be president. I don’t mean “strange” in the way of his predecessor. Al Gore, the first Android-American to run for president, was weird.

A good line.

Actually, though, he is often “weird” in precisely the way Al Gore was. The continuing stream of falsehoods over matters that would do him no good even if believed reminds me very much of the last election cycle. The Cambodia story is a classic example of this. It doesn’t matter a whit which side of the Mekong River John Kerry was on during Christmas Eve 1968, just as no one cared whether Al Gore really was the inspiration for Love Story. But the pathological need to keep putting forth these assertions is problematic, calling into question the character and judgment of both men.

Whether this defect is enough to keep Kerry from getting elected is unclear. After all, Al Gore won the popular vote, or so I hear, in 2000. Still, it can’t help.

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James Joyner
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