Obama On Sestak Job Offer: Nothing Improper, Official Response Coming Soon

At the tail in of today’s press conference, President Obama was asked about the ongoing controversy over the alleged job offer to Congressman Joe Sestak:

President Barack Obama said Thursday that “nothing improper happened” regarding allegations that the White House offered Rep. Joe Sestak a job to get out of the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary.

Speaking at a press conference in the East Room, Obama said his administration would release an official response to the claim very soon.

“There will be an official response shortly on the Sestak issue which I hope will answer your question,” he said. “When I say shortly, I mean shortly; not weeks or months.”

I take this to mean that there’s a statement of some kind coming, but it’s being cleared through the White House Counsel’s Office, which is advisable under the circumstances. As for when “soon” might be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the story drop tomorrow, but I could be wrong about that.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Doug, what we know is Joe Sestak has repeatedly stated he was offered a job in this administration to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate race. We also know the administration backed the other guy. We know it is a federal felony to make that sort of offer. (See U.S.C. 18. sect 600.) So a retired three star Admiral is either lying or someone in the White House committed a federal crime. It appears like they can try to stone wall it, which will not work well if using the past is any indication or they can hunt up someone willing to bite the bullet and end their public service career for the sake of the President or they can make Joe Sestak out to be a liar and lose the Senate seat to Toomey. If they do, and the Republicans gain control of congress I can assure you Obama is in for a very rough time. Can you say impeachment? With a majority in the Senate, we get a coviction. Obama wouild then truely be historic as the first secessfully impeached President.

  2. Sestak has never come right out and said that someone from the White House said “drop out of the race and we’ll appoint you to this position”

    And your forecast of impeachment is, quite honestly, laughable

  3. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Doug, evidently you live in a bubble. If you just read a few other blogs, you can get a direct quote from Joe Sestak himself. On meet the press, when asked if he were offered a job for not running, he replied yes. Nixon may have not had knowledge of a fact finding mission taken on his behalf but his attempt to cover it up cost him dearly. You contention Sestak did not make a statement indicating an offer of a job in exchange for dropping out of the primary race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Arlen Specter is counter to the video evidence in existance. As far as impeachment being laughable. Hide and watch, pilgrim.

  4. This is what he said on Meet the Press Sunday:

    MR. GREGORY: Yes or no, straightforward question. Were you, were you offered a job, and what was the job?

    REP. SESTAK: I was offered a job, and I answered that.

    MR. GREGORY: You said no, you wouldn’t take the job. Was it the secretary of the Navy?

    REP. SESTAK: Right. And I also said, “Look, I’m getting into this…

    MR. GREGORY: Was it the secretary of the Navy job?

    REP. SESTAK: Anything that go–goes beyond that is others–for others to talk about.

    He did NOT say what you’re claiming he was said. He said he was offered a job and responded by saying he was getting into the primary.

    If that’s what happened it’s clearly not illegal.

    Even if it happened the way you hypothesize, it’s still not illegal.

  5. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    I kind of wonder why you are carrying water for the White House? Do you expect to be called to defend the Obama administartion? If Sestak was offered a job in return for dropping out of the primary, that is a clear violation of USC 18, Sect 600. Why is it you do not explain why the act is not illegal? I notice you did not quote the complete question and answers concerning this issue with David Gregory and Joe Sestak on meet the press last Sunday. The facts are relatively clear. Joe Sestak has stated, for the record, he was offered a job in the current administration in exchange for dropping out of the democratic primary race for a senate seat. If you, Doug, are saying he did not make that statement, you are poorly informed. Have someone on your legal team do the research for you or get a paralegal to do the work for you. I will not be the one to set you straight. I will however let you know the outcome of any investigation and remind you of you stanch on the matter.

  6. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    I suggest, Doug, you log on to the Phillidelphia Inquirer web site. Go to the search slot and type in Joe Sestak job offer. Go back to February 19. Then repeat your allegation about just what it was Joe Sestak said. I’ll bet you think the Arizona law just past violates some civil rights.

  7. I’m not saying he didn’t make the statement, I am saying there is no evidence of anything even approaching a crime