OSM Now Pajamas Media Again

The five-day-old company formerly known as Pajamas Media, Open Source Media, and OSM is changing its name back to Pajamas Media.

OSM – Excuse us while we change back into our pajamas

At our swanky launch party in the Rainbow Room at New York’s Rockefeller Center on November 16, we changed out of our “pajamas” both literally and figuratively. We went from being www.pajamasmedia.com to OSMâ„¢ Media, LLC, the OSM being short for Open Source Media. And oh, what a drubbing we took. Many, many readers pointed out to us that OSMâ„¢ was an oxymoron; the open source tech community expressed concern; and a very fine gentleman named Christopher Lydon at Open Source (www.radioopensource.org) politely pointed out that we might be trampling on his space. (We’re sending him a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers, a heartfelt apology, and his name back, as we speak.)

All of which, as it turns out, has led us to make a change for the better. We are re-assuming our identity as Pajamas Media. (Just give us a few days to sort the technical issues out.) In short, the whole experience of being caught with our pajamas down has been a bit embarrassing, but in the end, when we realized we could get our beloved name back, we were overjoyed. So a warm, hearty thanks to all of you who expressed your displeasure with our phony identity.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Well, that’s a relief.

  2. McGehee says:

    Pajamas are more comfortable anyway.