OTB Latenight — Aretha Franklin

At the risk of turning our impressionable youth into Republicans…

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Dodd Harris
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  1. Tano says:

    Sorry to break your heart Dodd, but Aretha is a Democrat. In fact, she was the featured performer at Obama’s inaugural.
    What were you thinking????

  2. Dodd says:
  3. Tano says:

    #eyeroll indeed!

    Do you actually read the things you reference???

    A study on the importance of Fourth of July celebration participation for children to the political leanings in adulthood? That uses, as a proxy for participation in these celebrations, a record of how often it rained on July 4th over a number of years???? And tries to link that to voter registration numbers a generation later???
    This was from the Onion, right?

  4. Dodd says:

    No, sir. Harvard.

    I suppose it’s a good sign that it’s as obvious farcical to you as it is to me. Perhaps now you grasp the sarcasm of the post you took so seriously…..

  5. Franklin says:

    I just wanted to note: no relation.