Kevin Drum, doing his Iowa postmortem, asks

[W]hat’s up with the LA Times’ choice of this picture (see) of Howard Dean for today’s paper? Are they trying to make him look like Hitler? I browsed through Yahoo’s collection of Iowa election photos (several hundred of them), and every single other picture of Dean is a perfectly good one. This is the only picture that makes him look like a frothing, Nuremburg-ish nutball, and it’s the one they chose for their page 10 photo roundup. Who made that call?

Steve Bainbridge notes that

[T]he Reuters photo gallery had a number of other shots of Dean that were, to say the least, unflattering.


In fairness to the Times, moreover, the picture they chose does convey the wildman impression many took away from Dean’s speech.

Indeed. I’d add that Dean sounded even nuttier listening to it on NPR this morning than he seemed on television last night. If Bob Novak thinks you’re over-the-top then, brother, you’re over-the-top.

A few days ago, I noted the general tendency of the media to choose photographs that make politicians look stupid and used Dean as a classic example. Quoth Kevin Drum in the comments section:

I think Dean is just one of those unfortunate non-photogenic people. Kind of a bummer for a presidential candidate.


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  1. jen says:

    I sleep with the radio on – I had been alseep for maybe 20 minutes when the radio station had a news break and played a bit of Dean’s rally-rant. It completely startled me awake. Yowzah.

    Seeing it on TV gave it an amusing slant for me this morning. Methinks he’s thisclose to losing it if he doesn’t win NH next week.

  2. Don’t know what Kevin is talking about when it comes to the Dean shots from Iowa. Did he want them to run this one or maybe this one? Personally, I can’t wait until foley artists sample Dean’s yell — it would make a nice sound effect for a bad guy getting killed in a movie.

  3. Kate says:

    I need to get cable. Or an audio card. Though, there’s a chance I’ll see some good clips on the “Daily Show” tonight. Stewart was uncharacteristically critical of the Democrats, I thought. He will probably have a field day with this.

  4. Paul says:

    heh- That picture best sums up what Dean will forever be known for. It captured the moment.

    I think Kevin is complaining about sour grapes.


  5. James Joyner says:

    Kevin’s backing Clark; I just think he had the same general reaction I have to photos used on sites.