Inkblot, RIP

Inkblot, MIA

Kevin Drum has been writing about his cat, Inkblot, most every Friday for the last decade. Sadly, he’s been missing since Tuesday night.

Ron Paul Won’t Be The Nominee, Much Less President

Ron Paul is surging in Iowa. He’s in 3rd place in the national polls and has been for most of the race. He’s not Mitt Romney.

Romney Ad Misquotes Obama on Economy

Mitt Romney’s first television ad is built around a Barack Obama quote that has been cropped so that he’s saying the opposite of what he actually said.

When Is A $16 Muffin Not a $16 Muffin?

It turns out DOJ didn’t have $16 muffins after all–they were just charged $16 for each muffin.

Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan

Republicans have a plan to wrest half of the Keystone State’s electors from Obama.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Did World War II teach us anything about spending-as-stimulus? Not really.

Trust vs. Outsourcing Judgment

Modern life requires us to put a high degree of trust in those to whom we delegate responsibility

The Last Chapter Problem

The last chapter of nonfiction books is almost always lousy. Here’s why.

Which Conservatives Are Worth Reading?

Paul Krugman admits that he doesn’t bother to read conservative commentary. Should he?

Julian Assange Charges and ‘Sex By Surprise’

Julian Assange is a loathsome human being. Is he also a rapist? Under Swedish law, maybe.

Cognitive Bias and the Pundit Class

Those of us who think we’re overreacting to terrorism should remember that we’re in a tiny minority.


The Chevy Volt’s $33,000 price tag makes its modest fuel savings hard to justify.

The Security State

The People In Charge telling us that something is Necessary For Our Own Good makes a large number of people accepting of the inconvenience, no matter how asinine or unsupported by evidence.

Politicians and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

To the extent that these faux debates are a measure of competence to hold the office in question, Sharron Reid’s holding her own against the veteran incumbent demonstrated that she was up to the task. Or, at least, as up to it as Reid.

Presidents Captive to National Security System

As much hubris as it takes to think you can be the Leader of the Free World, it takes even more to buck the advice of the Establishment.

American Taliban, Liberal Fascism, and Judging a Book By Its Title

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas’ new book, AMERICAN TALIBAN: HOW WAR, SEX, SIN, AND POWER BIND JIHADISTS AND THE RADICAL RIGHT, continues a long tradition in political polemics.

Conservative Media Bias

Conservatives have long complained about liberal media bias. But conservative media seems to be much worse.

Waterboarding and ‘Torture’ in the American Media

Did the American media cover up torture by the Bush Administration?

Quote of the Day – California Politics Edition

California’s idea to have flashing ads on license plates may have some down side.

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Pseudo Experts

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