OTB Latenight – Bad Company

Dodd Harris
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  1. lunacy says:

    I saw them live when I was sixteen, many years ago. Ted Nugent was the opening act. Golly, I was too young to be at that concert. But the folks didn’t know just how wild they were back then.

  2. kth says:

    People forget that Bad Company was a supergroup of sorts, formed between Paul Rodgers of Free (“All Right Now”) and Mick Ralphs, lead guitarist for Mott the Hoople (“All The Young Dudes”, but they were a really great band and “Dudes” is just the tip of the iceberg). Bad Company probably never quite lived up to that hype but were a fine rock band with a nice signature sound just the same. Unlike a lot of throaty belters, Paul Rodgers still has his voice (he’s touring with Queen, they’re doing the Queen hits along with the BC hits, kind of odd and cool), though he looks like he took better care of himself than a lot of rock stars from the time.

    This article about an upcoming Mott reunion informs me that lead singer Ian Hunter (he also had a couple of solo hits including “Cleveland Rocks”) is 70 years old. GD that’s depressing.