OTB Latenight – ZZ Top

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Dodd Harris
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Dodd, who used to run a blog named ipse dixit, is an attorney, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fairly good poker player. He contributed over 650 pieces to OTB between May 2007 and September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Amuk3.


  1. Drew says:

    Over the last 10 years, making concessions to advancing age, the Stones have adopted a tri-set: Stadium, Arena and Halls. The song sets are different for each, and I suspect they can basically play forever if they want to and throttle down to Hall sets. And I suspect those will gravitate to very ballad and bluesy heavy set lists. Roots. Good bye Satisfaction?

    The problem with ZZ is that I just can’t see them pulling off anything rather than full throttle R&R. Hence the problem with this milk toast version of TSB.

    Just a thought.