Ousted Thai Premiere To Pursue Other Interests

At least that is the way this articles title sounded to me; like the usual bormide one hears when a top executive, politician or politician’s advisor gets the boot.

Ousted Thai premier says he is taking “break from politics”

Deutsche Presse Agentur
Published: Thursday September 21, 2006

London- Ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said in London Thursday he was taking a “break from politics” while hoping for quick new elections in Thailand. In a statement issued to the press in London, where Thaksin arrived from New York Wednesday, he urged all parties to work together towards “national reconciliation.”

Yeah, he’s taking a break. The tanks out in front of his (former) official residence, that has nothing to do with it all. He wants to spend some more time with his family, and is thinking of taking up fly fishing or something.

The statement from his office said that, as of now, Thaksin was taking a break from politics and was planning to work on “research, on development and possible charity work for Thailand”.


Thaksin’s chief policy adviser, Pansak Vinyaratn, said he would remain in London for a few days.

“We won’t just stay in London. We will probably go to Europe to have a rest,” he was quoted by Thailand’s The Nation newspaper as saying.

Really? Now I’m surprised. No, really.

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