Report: Sadr Captured

Command Post passes on a ITAR-TASS report

The U.S. troops arrested radical Shiite Imam Muktada al-Sadr in Baghdad on Tuesday. The report came from Hazem al-Araj, his closest associate, who is the head of the Baghdad bureau of the “Mahdi army†group.

Obviously, this would be good news if true. We shall see if confirmation is forthcoming.

James Joyner
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  1. Paul says:


  2. akim says:

    Incorrect info – it was an aid to Al-Sadr who was briefly detained after a news conference, then released. (April 13)

    Al-Sadr himself is in Najaf and has not moved. There are intense negotiations under way, with Iranian envoys pitching in. (April 14)

    NB. Please be careful with Russian media – they get their infos directly from Arab tv, without any sort of checking. Some of these news are inaccurate and too hasty.

  3. Terry says:

    This bungled war in Iraq and the attempted WMD reasoning is typical of how the US have gone down hill in the eyes of world in the last three years.

    The US once stood for freedom and opportunity now it stands for a great country run by a corrupt baffoon.

    The world can’t wait tell the November elections when some sort of order will return rather the chaos that prevails now.

    The Jews know that Bush will lose, hence they had to work real quick to get their lastest deal with Bush.

    The term ‘ Thick as Thieves’ comes to mind