SEC to Investigate Dwarf Employment by the Super-Rich

In the reality is stranger than fiction category,

SEC probes dwarf-tossing party for Fidelity trader (UK the Independent)

What would top brokers give to please traders from the world’s largest fund manager? Lavish yachts, attractive female company and a dwarf to toss. . . .

Another person hired was Danny Black, who describes himself as the “Heidi Fleiss of dwarf talent”. His official role was as a waiter, but he also allowed himself to be thrown by partygoers in an activity called “dwarf tossing”. Mr Black said that it “was a lavish party and a good time was had by all”.

Excuse me, but that description implies more than dwarf tossing went on, as Heidi Fleiss provided services of a more prurient nature. Mr. Black̢۪s site is Рas opposed to tall dwarf, or whatever. Digging a little deeper,

Booze, babes & a dwarf (NY Daily News)

A plush bachelor party for disgraced tycoon Dennis Kozlowski’s son-in-law included booze, scantily clad women on a yacht and even a dwarf for hire – and Wall Street companies apparently paid for all the hijinks.

A federal grand jury in Boston is looking into whether corporate money was used for prostitutes and drugs during the weekend, the paper [W$J] said.

But the groom̢۪s father (who attended the bachelor party) stated,

“If a short person comes to a wedding, what do you do, go up to him and ask, ‘What are you doing, you dwarf?'” Bruderman asked. “He was funny, he was nice. He was just like one of the guests.”

The father of the groom said there were only a couple of young women on the boat. He believed them to be girlfriends of his son’s pals.

Right – girlfriends at the bachelor party! I think the groom’s dad must have left the party early. Meanwhile, the bride’s father was just found guilty of looting Tyco Corporation of hundreds of millions, and faces up to 30 years when he is sentenced next month. This sounds like a TV show, “Robin Leach — Perversities of the Rich and Famous.” I’m pretty sure the upcoming nuptials of James Joyner will not involve the active participation of dwarfs.

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  1. Bithead says:

    Insert obligitory comment about shorting their pay.

  2. John Burgess says:

    Don’t bet on the lack of a certain present. I’ve been online with Harry & David…

  3. I always heard the rich talk about helping out the little people. I didn’t realize this was a literal expression.