Hilton-Richie Spat Complicates Simple Life

A rift between stars Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie may kill Fox’s plans for a third season of “A Simple Life.”

No ‘Simple’ Answer Yet for Fox Reality Show (Reuters-Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Socialite Paris Hilton (L), who stars in the television series 'A Simple Life,' poses with Kimberly Stewart, daughter of singer Rod Stewart, as they arrive for The Young Hot Hollywood Style Awards at the Element nightclub in Hollywood April 13, 2005. The rumor mill is going into overdrive about the future of With the production start date for the next installment of Fox’s reality series “The Simple Life” approaching, the rumor mill is going into overdrive about the future of the reality franchise starring socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

The falling-out between the former best friends over the past year has been well documented. Now reports have surfaced that in the new season of the show, targeted to begin production in late spring-early summer, Richie might be replaced.

Sources said that both Hilton and Richie are under deals to appear in at least five seasons of the show, but their options for the upcoming installment have yet to be picked up. According to syndicated entertainment newsmagazine “The Insider,” the show’s producers are considering Kimberly Stewart, daughter of singer Rod Stewart, as a potential replacement for Richie.


After a scorching first season in 2003, “Simple Life” has lost some of its luster. Now in its third season, the show still delivers respectable numbers for Fox.

It’s sad that the world could be robbed of such fine entertainment simply because its two superstars can’t get along. That Nicole Richie could be tossed aside so easily, despite all her father’s talent, is shocking. Of course, Rod Stewart is quite talented as well, so it naturally follows that his daughter will be, too.

Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Chuck Yarborough is distraught, too, that “Nicole Richie won’t always have Paris.”

And they said it wouldn’t last. Turns out, they — whoever the heck “they” are — were right. “The Insider” and all sorts of other gossipmongering outlets report that Fox is hunting for a new “The Simple Life” partner for Paris Hilton. The ubiq uitous Ms. Hilton — who seems to get more airtime on cell-phone screens and Web sites than she does on televi sion — and Nicole Richie reportedly are on the outs as friends. And their personality clash means an end to the team. So sad. First Abbott & Costello, Lewis & Martin, then Bush & Quayle, and now this. Y’all wanna hear what’s really scary? The two names most often bandied about as replacements are (drum roll) Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Olsen twins. Yeah, like they need the money. Take a look at the photo here, then picture the Olsens the last time you saw a snap. I suspect the smallest item in the budget would be the catering bill. You could feed the lot of ’em for a week with two White Castle sliders and a french fry.

Sadly, no photo is provided. The Calgary Sun, however, does not disappoint.

Duo on the outs РA rift between Paris Hilton and best friend Nicole Richie may kill any plans for a fourth instalment of Fox̢۪s The Simple Life

Photo:   SERIES MAY END ... The Simple Life just got complicated.If the series sees another season, Hilton will be performing her notorious high jinks escapades with another willing companion, reports Zap2it.com

With Richie possibly out of the picture, the network and the show’s producers are looking to team someone else with Hilton. The showbiz-news program The Insider says the show is hoping to recruit one of the Olsen twins. Hilton’s own sister, Nicky opted not to take part in the show. Richie, too, is reportedly angling to stay with the network and film a “Newlywedsâ€-style show with her fiance, Adam DJ AM Goldstein.

Whether FOX even brings The Simple Life back is still undecided. The third season, which premiered in January, is averaging a little more than 10 million viewers per week. It hasn̢۪t been a consistent draw for audiences. The show follows displaced socialites Hilton and Richie as they wing-it in the ordinary world.

One can not imagine the Olsen Twins separating for such a venture. Or, indeed, participating in such a venture.

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  1. Fersboo says:

    Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………Neither is very attractive………….zzzzzzzz………….back to sleep.

  2. wavemaker says:

    I am bemused as to why you would devote such space to this –especially since there’s no DIRT on what sort of CAT FIGHT they may have been involved in (mud wrestling comes to mind) — now THAT would have been newsworthy (with pictures, of course).

  3. Bachbone says:

    Man! First Britney leaves the ‘entertainment’ scene, now Paris and Nicole. Prime time TV will surely shrivel and die! OOPS! It’s been rotting in purgatory for years.

  4. Krysten says:

    I think they are both very talented and Nicole makes the show extremely funny.Its not going to be the same with that other girl, she just seems boring and very very fugly.

  5. Sev says:

    nicole gone meanin the show is over, paris is a blonde with no brains and the replacement wont cover what Nicole has brought!!! show is downhill now!

  6. jacklyn says:

    I think they are so good together and i would stop watching the show .I think nichole and paris are so good we they are on the show and i dont think anything should become between there realation i wish i had a friend like those crazy bitches no matter what happen they are to close for that when you have a friend like those two you will never find a friend like that a ever in life. you dont say you love each other if you dont mean it .i love when they say love you bitch and love you to bitch thats true friend ship. so lets forget about the small shit and go on with your crazy lifes bitches.