Snow To Thomas: “Thank You For The Hezbollah View” (Video)

Although that’s the quotable moment of this exchange between Tony Snow and Helen Thomas, the entire thing is worth watching simply for its entertainment value alone. It’s old school Helen Thomas, trying to “Scott McClellan” Tony Snow. And somehow Tony has already mastered the art of dealing with the queen of combativeness and irrationality. It’s really quite impressive.

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Greg Tinti
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  1. Kevin says:

    Tony snow should not be press secretary. He should be president.

  2. just me says:

    I so wish the administration had ditched McClellan years ago for Snow.

    Snow may step in the doo doo on occassion, but he certainly doesn’t have that deer in the headlights, I would rather be anywhere but here look in his eyes while dealing with the press corps.

  3. Webproze says:

    Tony rules. Helen Thomas should be ignored as a rule.

  4. Red Five says:

    GET SOME TONY!! That’s the way to beat that hag down with the truth!

  5. Tony Snow should be condemned for using a disproportionate amount of logic against an unarmed civilian.

  6. Anderson says:

    If we’re extolling Snow’s brilliance, this bit quoted by Dan Froomkin shouldn’t be missed:

    Asked about the possibility of sending U.S. troops as part of a United Nations peacekeeping force in Southern Lebanon, Snow first danced around the question then uttered what will likely become a memorable phrase:

    “Q So what about troops?

    “MR. SNOW: We have lots of them. They are elsewhere.”

    Indeed. OTB “let’s invade X, Y, and Z” commenters, take note.

  7. legion says:

    What a classless buffoon Snow is. _This_ is how the Bush White House _wants_ the US to be represented and perceived: arrogant, insulting, and completely wrong on the facts:

    QUESTION: Stop the cease-fire? Why?

    SNOW: We didnâ??t stop a cease-fire. Let me continue â?? Iâ??ll tell you what. We didnâ??t even veto â?? please get your facts right.

    QUESTION: Thatâ??s not the point. Why did we veto a cease-fire?

    SNOW: We didnâ??t veto a cease-fire.

    QUESTION: There was no veto at the U.N.?

    SNOW: No. There hasnâ??t been a resolution at the V.N. â?? the U.N., whatever it is. There havenâ??t been anyâ?¦(LAUGHTER)
    There hasnâ??t been.(LAUGHTER) Iâ??ve been at (inaudible) in Germany too long. There has been no resolution at the U.N.

    Unfortunately, while Mr Snow was ‘whatevering’ in Germany, John Bolton was, you guessed it, vetoing things.

    John Bolton, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that “in light of the fluid events on the ground,” the United States believed the Qatar-sponsored resolution was untimely and out of date, and would have helped inflame passions in the Middle East.

  8. ttp says:

    There was no resolution at the UN. I mean, if the term actually means anything anymore. What we “vetoed” was complete and utter crap, and that’s what Snow explained but previous commenter ignored.

  9. Papa Ray says:

    To Legion.
    The resolution in question (July 13) had nothing to do with the present situation in Lebanon. The “cease fire” that the stupid reporter was talking about was a resolution that stated Israel was to stop their attacks in Gaza, give back the Hamas leaders and stop their air attacks. It didn’t involve Hamas or the PA doing anything. A cease fire implys you have two partys comply, not one surrendering.

  10. Herb says:

    Helen Thomas once again came out of her cave and tried her best to make the administration look bad. She has to be the worlds worst excuse for a reporter.

    She should be back in her cave keeping the place in better order for OBL and cooking OBL’s goat over her open fire pit.

    She and OBL make a nice couple, don’t ya think ?

  11. Tony Snow issued a profound insult to Helen Thomas when he thanked her for giving ther Hezbollah response and it didn’t even slow down her “no answer you give will suffice” interruptions. Then again, maybe Helen Thomas didn’t consider it an insult.

  12. Jaibones says:

    Legion of Fools,

    Get the facts right. No veto.

  13. anjin-san says:

    Snow is undoubtedly talented, but the “If you don’t agree with us, you are an enemy”, tone of the remark is troubling. (Though par for the course from the Bush admin) America was founded on the right to disagree with those in power…

  14. Steve Verdon says:

    Uhhhmmm Legion, the veto only was regarding Gaza, not Lebannon/Hezbollah. Since the Q&A seemed to revolve around Lebannon/Hezbollah that is rather off the mark.

  15. legion says:

    OK, I’ll grant Steve & Papa Ray the point on Gaza being the focus of the resolution vice Lebanon, but for the rest of the commenters, check the link. Here, I’ll do it for you:

    The United States on Thursday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding Israel halt its attacks in Gaza.

    The proposal also demanded that Palestinian militants release the Israeli soldier abducted June 25 in a raid in Israel and stop launching rockets at Israel from Gaza. In addition, it called on Israel to release Palestinian government officials and lawmakers it took into custody after the soldier’s abduction.

    Let’s see…. It was a resolution, the US did veto it, and it did call for “Palestinian militants” to stop launching rockets into Israel. And while the Q&A may have been centered on Lebanon, that’s not at all clear from Snow’s repeated denials…

    Also, my point on Snow’s inherent lack of class and respect for his own position still stands. If you really, honestly think Helen Thomas is anti-American and only working to disrupt press conferences, then by all means, drop her credentials in the can. I can be an a** here because I’m not representing anyone but myself. But if Snow’s going to run a public forum for representing the positions & policies of the US, he needs to be reminded he’s not on a kindergarden playground.

  16. McGehee says:

    If you really, honestly think Helen Thomas is anti-American and only working to disrupt press conferences, then by all means, drop her credentials in the can.

    Unless, of course, by her example she is demonstrating a point that the administration prefers to “show, don’t tell.”

    Kind of like the way Anjin-san doesn’t get banned here. Thomas is too much of a net positive for the administration right where she is, behaving the way she does.

  17. anjin-san says:


    Why am I a “net positive”? Is it because I believe in free speech, free thought, the rule of law, and the Constitution of the United States?

  18. McGehee says:

    Because you’re obnoxious and you make everything your side stands for, look bad by association.

  19. pjaromin says:


    Hmmm…I musta missed the part where Ms. Thomas’ freedom of speech/thought were trampled on. Guess I wasn’t looking when the President’s “secret police” whisked her away for speaking ill of the administration. She has a “right to disagree,” and she exercised it…and Tony exercised his. Where’s the big constitutional issue?

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why the left equates the administration’s defense against criticism with the emergence of a dictatorship in the US.

  20. Steve Verdon says:


    ….but for the rest of the commenters, check the link.

    Sure, there was a resolution, sure there was a call for, what appears to me, a one-sided cease fire. However, Thomas’ question was in the context of Lebannon and Hezbollah, hence the reference to a resolution is at best totally irrelevant, at worst a subtle bit of deception to try and make the Administration look bad.

    Now, I’m not a big Bush fan, but if you’re going to slam them for something do it honestly, that way you’ll have the high ground.

  21. C Hunnefield says:

    Ah, it’s not like the ‘ol softball Clinton days, huh Helen? Hey, remember the first time you were ‘uninvited’ to a White House event by Bush? Hoo boy, now THAT was humiliating wasn’t it?

    You know Helen, being insulting works both ways – boo yah!

    PREDICTION: Should Ms. Thomas (and her hate) live to see the next election, my guess is she will retire if the next president is a Republican.

  22. Xrlq says:

    It’s about time Helen Thomas was pwned.

    BTW, your spell checker sucks. What kind of spell checker doesn’t know the word “pwned?”

  23. CurmudgeonCurmudgeon says:

    You people are incredibly mean-spirited. In fact there was a resolution at the UN, and the US vetoed it.

  24. Wayne says:


    â??And while the Q&A may have been centered on Lebanon, thatâ??s not at all clear from Snowâ??s repeated denialsâ??.

    So if we are talking about the last game between the Denver and Pittsburg, I must clarify in every sentence which game we are talking about? Please!

    There are U.N. resolutions that state for the cessation of violence and other requirements from the Palestinians. They have ignored them. So the resolution was to tie Israelâ??s hands and not for the purpose of a cease-fire.

    It obvious that you want Snow to just stand there and be a whipping for the bias Whitehouse press corps and not to refute the lies the MSM keep putting out. It about time the Whitehouse start fighting back. The press corps has been the ones showing a lack of class.

  25. bob says:

    In case you didn’t know, Helen Thomas is of Lebanese descent. As a result, it is not surprising that she would be against the breadth of bombing that is taking place.

  26. anjin-san says:


    LOL, dude, you must have missed the old one about the pot calling the kettle black.

    BTW, I am not on a “side”. Some of my positions are quite conservative, (real conservitisim, not the know-nothing Bush variety you embrace).

  27. anjin-san says:


    Tony Snow represents the President. That modifies (in my view) what exactly “free speech” means when he exercises it in an official capacity.

    If he infers that a journalist who asks questions he does not care for is supporting terrorists, well I suppose that is “free speech”, but I don’t think that the Founding Fathers wanted to see reporters thus tainted simply because they annoy the President.

  28. anjin-san says:


    Speaking of obnoxious, aren’t you the guy who inferred that I was rooting for N Korea to develop ballistic nukes that can strike America just because I stated that they would eventually overcome the problem their missile program is currently experiencing?

    I have been to a Frozen Chosen reunion McGhee. Can you say the same?

  29. Mike in Americas Vancouver says:


    I’m sure that a hero from Frozen Chosin (lurkers… go to www dot Chosinreservoir dot com) would not have made the mis-spell.


  30. auspatriotman says:

    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!
    Tony Snow is so freeking good!!!!!

    One of President Bush’s BEST Pics! ! ! ! ! !

    Da-ham. He is good! ! ! ! !

  31. Sam says:

    Thomas HAS the right to disagree with the President. So do you. But you don’t have any right to have your disagreement become more important that my agreement. You have the right to speak, but no one has the obligation to listen.
    Sam Ficher

  32. Wayne says:


    You said â??If he infers that a journalist who asks questions he does not care for is supporting terroristsâ??. If she is speaking the terrorist, Democrats, or Michael more talking points and she is called on it, then Snow is speaking the truth and good for him. I quest we canâ??t say Benedict Arnold was a traitor because he was a war hero and it might be offensive. Helen has right to say the terrorist propaganda but she can and should be called on it.

  33. Wayne says:

    One more question, was she or was she not repeating Hezbollah views?

  34. anjin-san says:


    Since you are the official spell checker, perhaps you can work on your reading comprehension.

    I did not claim to be a Korean War vet. I attended this event and was privileged to rub shoulders with some of the men who actually fought to defend our freedom because I have a relative who was there.

    None of these hero’s inferred I was not a real American because my political views sometimes conflicted with theirs. Mr. Bush should follow this example.

    As for my spelling, I am working, don’t always have time to proof my posts. Find something better to think about…

  35. Dave says:


    While you’re on the subject of calling people out for reading comprehension, please learn the difference between “infer” and “imply”.


  36. corwin says:

    I will explain why you’re considerd a net positive here.Thomas Reed,a Speaker of the House about 100 years ago,famously remarked about a House member:”He never opens his mouth without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.”
    Since you still might not catch the drift,Ill elaborate.I can’t recall anyone saying you are not an good American because your views are not shared b other people.Setting yourself as a victim to non existent slanders doesn’t advance your arguments.What might advance your arguments is coherent thought.(ANd for what it”s worth re’ spelling,it’s “heroes”,as in plural.

  37. anjin-san says:


    Grammer and reading comprehension are two different things.

    I suck at the former…

  38. anjin-san says:


    Ah. So you have read every post ever directed twoards me on OTB.

    I see.

  39. NotaSlickFan says:

    anjin-san and Legion are simply lurking trolls. Why even bother responding to their moonbat bait. Facts are beyond their comprehension (veto was in regards to Gaza-NOT- Lebanon). Trolls never stick to the thread at hand when it won’t fit their whining rants. I will give them credit for some occasional comic relief and thank them for their tireless efforts to help keep the GOP in charge (Though they [thankfully] will never realize what an asset they are for the GOP.) NotaSlickFan

  40. anjin-san says:


    How does it feel to be one of the 12 or so people in America who still support Bush? BTW, why aren’t you in Iraq fighting in his crusade?

  41. Sam says:

    NotaSlickFan-I guess I’m one of the other 11 people in Ameirica who still support Bush. Glad to make your acquaintance! As for how it feels, I think it feels pretty good from here. My guy is in the Whitehouse with his able hands on the levers of power, while anjin-san’s guy is trying to sell a B movie about it being hot out. Also I too am not in Iraq fighting in the so called crusade, but I have a son that is. And I support him too.

  42. NotaSlickFan says:

    It is with great pleasure to read the moonbats supercilious comments that more often than not avoid the actual thread in discussion and attempt to create a “flame” war with those opposed to their (thoughts?). The GOP gets stronger with every lefty/kossack/progressive missive published in the open forum that is the “blogosphere”. I love it! Do I hear Howard Dean screeching into the night? If not him it’s one of his minions. Puhleeese keep it up! You only hurt the one you love—yourself. Still laughing.

  43. anjin-san says:

    Too bad Bushs “hands on the levers of power” have not been able to bring Bin Laden to justice for the murders of thousands of American’s on US soil.

    Why does right not want justice for 9-11 vicitims?

  44. NotaSlickFan says:

    To Sam; I hope to GOD (not “allah”; god of beheadings) that your son stays safe and returns home the same. The blogosphere is not the domain strictly of the lefty losers who support islabic terrorism versus the U.S.A.,. Your son is much, much bigger than the trolls of anti-America. Best of everything to you/family/friends.

  45. fugazi says:

    Congratulations, Anjin-san!! You are the 1,000,000th troll to make the gay argument “If you love this war so much, why aren’t you over there?”

    Tell him what he’s won, Johnny!

  46. Dan Redmond says:

    Love Tony Snow and stand by the Prez above all…however Israel better ease up on bombing Lebanese Christians if they want my support ever again.

  47. NotaSlickFan says:

    To fugazi; One of their favorite points of attack (Sad as it is). Counterpoint: “Why aren’t you lefty losers over there fighting ‘WITH’ the jihadis against American men/women to defeat the U.S.A. and help spread Islamofascism across the world”? If they (so-called progressives) are so enamored with the jihadis why not go and fight alongside them ala. shoebomber nut etc., etc.,. Guess it’s easier to sip lattes while typing jihadi inspiring comments onto the global web in your (cowboy?) jammies than to actually walk the walk. They are a sad bunch, but I’ll leave that for their mommies to console them. Oh, wait, I hear a Mentos commercial beginning to play in the background–maybe Kos punk is about to appear and… Lefties, don’t get too bent, you have far more to worry about–like your own party leaders. Just sayin.

  48. anjin-san says:

    Wow, the attack gerbils are out in force tonight. Guess the stupidity of accusing me of being a terrorist supporter because I want Bin Laden to answer for his crimes is beyond them…

    fugazi, you are sounding a bit latent dude. But then you probably have no idea what that means.

  49. DannoJyD says:

    Tony Snow Rocks the house.

    Helen Thomas: Poster queen for Burqa.

  50. Ariya says:

    Anjin-san, why aren’t you in your basement dreaming up plans for a coup against the Uninted States Government?

  51. tomnbeverly says:

    The problem is that the Liberals have taken sides with the terrorists in this World War. Therefore Looney left leaning reporters like Helen Thomas do sound just like propaganda pieces of our enemy, yes Hezbollah is just as much an enemy of the U.S. as it is of Israel if they could destroy U.S. cities they would they would cut off the very heads of those like Helen Thomas who whether she realizes it or not verbalize support for their ilk. What Helen meant to say is “Why hasn’t the President demanded that Israel stop bombing Lebanon and let the terrorists continue to be the aggressors of Israel.” My view is Israel has no more cheeks to turn. It is a matter of survival of the Jewish State. My final point is any Jewish person that votes for a Democrat politician should renounce their faith because they are voting for the destruction of Israel.

  52. Kristan says:

    :::You group of Neo-Cons are the worst Iâ??ve seen in a while on the Internet. Helen has always been a thorn in every preseidentâ??s side. Why? because she actually asks questions that have answers the government doesnâ??t want the American Public to knowâ?¦ and why?:::

    n. A state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms.

    Therefore the U.N. resolution in question cannot be qualified as a cease-fire by any objective standard. As such, Thomas’ questioning falls in the same category as that of Jihadist propaganda, intentional or otherwise.

  53. Art Stone says:

    Since the topic was Lebanon, and Helen Thomas brings up the UN Resolution regarding Gaza having some relationship to the situation, perhaps she has inside knowledge that the events in Gaza and the events in Lebanon are – in fact – part of the same campaign directed by the same people. Not an illogical conclusion.

    After all, in their enthusiasm for the current events, the leaders in Iran have already stated what “We” are going to do to Israel. Doesn’t leave much doubt who is pulling the strings.

  54. ARMY 89-92 MDNG 92-95 says:


    The “why aren’t you going to Iraq” logic get better every time I see it on the net, right up there with the “9/11 demolition theory” and the “My Pet Goat” insults.

    How was your time while serving in,


    You must have a chest full of medals after supporting all of those Clinton policies.

    Proud member of Bush’s “Dirty Dozen”

  55. NotaSlickFan says:

    Ammen tomnbeverly. I am not Jewish but I strongly support the Jewish cause in defending themselves against the sick, beheading-happy, delerious child killing, random bombing, even muslim/islamic targeting for death sick f..ks who attempt to use religion as the cause for their actions. The only logical comparison to them is rabid dogs on the loose in (any) civilized city in the world (including Tehran).Destroy Hisboner and Hamass and the world will be much, much safer. Screw the lefties in America/Europe who can only “Bash Bush” regardless of how their mindless stupidiy damages the U.S., long-term world peace (and, of course Israel). You have more friends here in the U.S. than there are Kossacks/Deaniacks so do not despair. The psycho-left is nothing more than a limp limb of whimpering loons destined to be tree-hugging 30 years from now to save a slug/tree/cockroach/islamofascist etc.,.

  56. anjin-san says:

    I was not a huge fan of Clintons while he was in office. Of course looking back from where we are today, he looks positivly Jeffersonian…

  57. tomnbeverly says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade anjin-san, but Clintons 8 years of appeasement to the state sponsored terrorist regimes, his ignorance to the warning signs i.e., the 1993 WTC bombing, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and his direct abetment of North Korea’s nuclear bomb development are a testament of just how screwed up a President he actually was. History will record him as ignorant to the threat and will record George W. Bush as the cure. My puzzlement continues to be how the 911 commission failed to figure out how Clintons failed policies led to the 911 attacks. Oh well I guess we will never know exactly what Sandy Burger stole and destroyed from the National Archives my guess is that it was something that would have directly implicated Clinton in his failed policies but the world may never know. Eventually the truth will reign supreme.

  58. anjin-san says:


    News flash. 9-11 happend on Bushs watch. In the years since, he has failed to bring Bin Laden to justice.

    End of story…

    Oh yea. Except Clinton tried to warn Bush about Al Queda, but Bush was focused like a laser on tax cuts for billioniares.

    Oh yea. And when Clinton was in office his efforts to focus on terrorisim were partially blocked by the GOP congress, which was far more worried about a grown man getting a little nookie.

  59. tomnbeverly says:

    Wrong on all counts and silly… 9-11 was planned on Clintons watch no one contests that. Bin Laden was handed to Clinton by the Sudanese government twice, but he refused him, no one contests that, the Taliban and Al-Qeada matured in Afghanistan during Clintons time in office that is a fact. Clinton refused to strike back at Islamic extremist backed rebels in Somalia after they embarassed the U.S. (Black Hawk Down). Ms. Albright directly negotiated nuclear reactors for Kim Jong Il which allowed him to get the fissile material to make his atomic arsenal. Ms. Albright also negotiated the Oil For Food scandalous bribary program that did little more then feed Sadaam Hussein money to continue in power and to continue to defy U.N. resolutions and as to your quip about nookie.. In fact no one cared about the nookie not even Hillary… The fact is Mr. Feel your pain first black president straight up lied to the American people. I think I would have respected him just a little if he would have said Yea I did it so what… well that debate will be reopened when closet lesbian, Hillary, runs for President…

    So where am I wrong?

  60. tomnbeverly says:

    Sorry, I forgot about the economy… hahaha what a joke … This is a better economy then was ever under Clinton, which by the way ended in recession and dot com bust. Bill Gates Microsoft growth helped Bill Clinton in the 90’s. Bush’s tax cuts spurred the economy for him…. You better ask somebody… and I hope the Liberals try to hype the sky is falling economy during the coming elections…. hahahha

  61. Reginald Thornton says:

    Tony Snow should be condemned for using a disproportionate amount of logic against an unarmed civilian.
    Posted by: Laurence Simon at July 18, 2006 16:00

    “Civilian”? Helen Thomas? Not-so secret agent of the enemy would be much closer to reality.

  62. Dan Redmond says:

    I wish someone would appease my earlier post.

  63. Jack Bauer says:

    “why arenâ??t you in Iraq fighting in his crusade?”
    Posted by: anjin-san at July 18, 2006 23:50 Permalink

    Maybe for the same reason you’re not in Iraq fighting for the late gratefully dead Mousawi. Who knows sans brain?

    Bak. Derk-derk-Allah. Bekka-bekka-valley. Derka derka, Mohammed Jihad. Baka sherpa-sherpa. Abaka-la. Zidane-zidane.

  64. Tantor says:

    Anjin San,

    Clinton thought Microsoft was America’s greatest enemy, not Al Qaeda. He never missed a chance to attack Microsoft, but passed on chances to take Bin Laden, even when offered on a silver platter.


  65. Jack Bauer says:

    Clinton tried to warn Bush about Al Queda, but Bush was focused like a laser on tax cuts for billioniares.
    Posted by: anjin-san at July 19, 2006 04:33 Permalink

    Oh sure, this was the same Clinton who met his own CIA Director twice in 8 years. Yeah that’s real concern about terrorism there. CIA? Lead agency in combating “terrorism”?

    Hey clueless, the 9/11 plot was hatched, started, plotted and planned from 1995 onwards.

    Any of this mean anything to you. Or too busy ass-licking about a lying multi-millionaire sociopath?

    Unfortunately the only thing Clinton was focusing on was his dick. And getting it sucked off — even while lobbing a few cruise missiles at empty tents.

    And before you even attempt any comebacks, I DON’T support a great deal of what the President has done, especially in his second term. For one reason, he’s not a conservative.

  66. Improbulus Maximus says:

    Just about every conservative or libertarian blog I visit has a lefturd troll, like anjin, for example, who touts himself as a “real” conservative, but uses all the standard lefturd talking points. The funny part is that they actually think they’re going to fool someone. Other than themselves, that is.
    Lefturds are stupid and annoying, but at least letting them exercise free speech in the form of treason and sedition lets them expose themselves so that we know not to trust them, which is why they don’t get banned from blogs like this one, but let a conservative post at DU or Kos and watch them get banned and their comments deleted. Lefturds are the enemies of everything this country stands for, and the friends of all our enemies, and continue to demonstrate it every day.

  67. rhrescak says:

    I would be glad to recommend a wonderful nursing home for Helen Thomas. She needs to step aside, this is embarrassing.

  68. Jack Bauer says:

    Hey Improbulus Maximus

    Good points. Though the san monkey is out early — isn’t All Moonbat’s Eve Nov 7 this year?

    As I said, I have lots of “conservative” issues with the President, but then you read the Leftian Fundamentalist trolls and wonder would you really rather be living in the totalitarian nightmare they’d organize.

  69. ussjimmycarter says:

    Helen Thomas has no interest in truth! She is only interested in making the Bush administration look bad! Well, Mr. Snow makes her look like the doddering old shrew that she is and I love it!

  70. ussjimmycarter says:

    and i am not a fan of the bush administration, but i love Tony Snow!

  71. martin says:

    BTW anjin-san, have you learned the difference between “imply” and “infer” yet? It’s not a matter of “grammer” as you claim, it is a matter of semantics which betrays your ignorance if not your stupidity. Your arguments and your manner of expressing them are childish. If you are so hot for Hezbollah, get your chosin behind over there and fight with them.

  72. Sam says:

    NotaSlickFan- Thanks. Of course I understand that there is no gain in arguing with those unfortunate accidents of genetics, like ajin-san, but sometimes they allow an opportunity to make a point that is not getting made. The older I get and the more I see, the more I am convinced that the stark raving left is the best visual aid the right could have to make their points. Helen Thomas vs Tony Snow is a good example. Tony is good, but he would not look so positively brilliant if he was not occasionally set beside an ugly and stupid counterpoint like Thomas. There would be no hills if there were no valleys. So in a way, if the left really wanted Snow to not look so good, they should take Helen away. Well, someone should take Helen away. As for the guys and gals in our armed forces, they just keep on doing what has to be done, and the anti-American Americans just don’t phase them. As for me, I don’t care what they think and I don’t care what they think about me not caring what they think. Basically they just don’t matter anymore, and that is why they are so angry. But I don’t care about that either.

  73. Sam says:

    Had Ms. Thomas been given a chance for a second question, It would likely have been “Mr. Snow, When did you stop beating your wife?”

  74. Sam says:

    Seems there is more than one Sam here. Hello.

  75. Sam G. says:

    Hello Sam. Sorry about that.

  76. Mike says:

    Who in the Hell is Stupid Enough to call H.T. a reporter??

    Antagonist?? Oh yea!! H.T. Does No REPORTING that I’m aware of??

  77. John says:

    As for Helen Thomas – why is she even there anymore? She doesn’t write news stories – and her last column was published in early June. ( If she writes elsewhere and I don’t know about it – I apologize – but the only thing I see is from online Boston Channel. ) It seems the only reason she is there is out of courtesy – and the only thing she does now is heckle. Totally disrespectful.

    The bigger question is why are all these questions – by many – seemingly in the area of defending Hezbollah? Are American memories so short that they don’t recall that Hezbollah was behind a series of kidnappings of Westerners in Lebanon, including several Americans, in the 1980s, the suicide truck bombings that killed more than 200 U.S. Marines at their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983, the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847, which featured the famous footage of the planeâ??s pilot leaning out of the cockpit with a gun to his head?

    This is a TERRORIST organization – but Helen and others want to equate them with the Lebanese citizens and government.

  78. jtb-in-texas says:

    I never cease to be amazed at the romantic swoon the Left has for terrorists and anti-American thugs.

    Just exactly what benefit do they think they would gain if the USA ceased to be and we were overrun by Taliban, Communist, or other totalitarian forces? Do they think they would have more freedom?

    Or were the books by the right-wing entertainers “Right. On. The. Money.” as seems to be the case?

    What books? Silly child, they’ve been out for a long time and were best sellers! Of course I mean “Unhinged” by Michele Malkin and “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder” by Michael Savage.

    I just wish the American Left really was composed of real Liberals (you know, compassionate, open-minded folks who’d out help a neighbor), not foreign agents and “useful idiots” (Lenin’s words, not mine).

    Helen Thomas’ presense seems more to be an “Emeritus” type of position, not based on anything she’s done in the last 15 years…

  79. MBarker says:

    Great commentary.

    I have to say, I am very impressed with the cool intellects posting here.

    Without poor trolls like Anjin-san, you would never have the chance to spell out your arguments so clearly and concisely. Readers who might benefit from that would be sorely deprived.

    Thanks again.

  80. If he infers that a journalist who asks questions he does not care for is supporting terrorists, well I suppose that is “free speech”, but I donâ??t think that the Founding Fathers wanted to see reporters thus tainted simply because they annoy the President.

    Helen Thomas is not a reporter, she’s an opinion columnist (and a poor one at that) hiding behind the label of “reporter.”

  81. anjin-san says:


    If you are interested in semantics, I suggest you read “Language in Action” by S.I. Haiakawa. Not sure its available at the JC libraray…


    My comment was:

    News flash. 9-11 happend on Bushs watch. In the years since, he has failed to bring Bin Laden to justice.

    Your response was:

    Wrong on all counts

    So 9-11 did not happen on Bush’s watch and Bin Landen is rotting at Gitmo?

    Sorry you guys are just too stupid to talk to…

  82. Marina Lawson says:

    I thought the woman retired for heaven’s sake! Someone needs to take away her day pass from the home!

    Tony Snow, you ROCK!

  83. fritz says:

    Okay, I’m not happy about the Bush positions on spending, immigration and government expansion. Still, Tony Snow rocks! People such as Helen Thomas and anji make it easy to play “spot the idiot!”: A game that so far as I have experienced, can be played only by non-lefties. So, the lefties should be encouraged to continue contributing to the game.

  84. Jamie says:

    Tony Snow is one of the most admirable members of the Bush White house. He is eloquent, take-no-prisoners, candid and superficially honest.(not much can be said for the rest of Bush’s ineffective cabinet). Thomas is far to old to be involved in the press, politics or the media in general. She is of a singular mind, pure evil liberalism at it’s best. Remember the 4 year vacation that we paid Madelyn Albright to be on? Traveling the world, on our dime. She had no savvy, no actual intelligence, and made no attempt at forging real relationships with anyone she visited. She is part of the reason we are in this situation now. She spent 4 years sightseeing when she should have been doing her job, although she was quite incapable of doing it, had she attempted to. This is a perfect example of why old ladies (and old men IE: Strom Thurman) have no business being involved in “real politics”.

  85. The Truth says:

    Tony Snow you Rock!!!???
    You people are so stupid.. I don’t want a Press secretary to “Rock”.. All of you people deserve the leadership you have.. Bunch of uneducated, war mongoring, automatons who wouldn’t know how to make decisions for yourselves if your lives depended on it. Stupidity is the new Black for you idiots..

  86. Jamie says:

    The Truth, you might be on the wrong site, having a Press Sec. that is not a total bufoon is soo refreshing that all you can describe him as “rockin”. How about you take your ultra-lineralism and racial slurs to another site.

  87. I think that Snow Storm is most commonly referred to as a Bitch Slap. The most irritating part of the Sea Hag is her inability to let Snow finish his statement or answer before she barrages him with more nonsense.

    To all the people who keep posting the “US Vetoed the cease fire resolution” please read the posts first- unless you are just as deranged as Helen then we understand.

  88. JonR says:

    “The Truth” wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him/her on the butt! Yes, we have leadership and we approve of most of it. Uneducated? If you equate education to the kind of angry lashing out you just did then you can have it. (Perhaps you got your education when the Taliban gets theirs.)

    Anjin-San: You and your views don’t matter to much of anyone so just go away.

    This country is divided into two camps. One that is for America and all she stands for and one that is not. Helen Thomas belongs to the latter camp and that is all there is to it. The same for the liberal left MSM that wants to destroy this country.

    Bottom line: We had better stop supporting organizations and individuals that back radical Islam and the destruction of this democratic country. Do not re-elect the Kennedys and Kerrys. Do not buy the products of those companies that advertise in the New York Times. Do not sit around on your apathetic can and do nothing while these seditionists get away with dismantling this country. Do something!!

  89. John says:

    Another interesting sidenote to remember is that Helen is, if I am correct, Lebanese. Now, I can understand her ingrained emotions towards her ancestoral land, but what she, and many who think similarly don’t seem to remember is that they are Americans.

    The meaning behind that is something that many on the left conveniently forget. The term “warmongers” gets thrown about without realizing that our country itself would not be here were it not for wars.

    I heard the wonderfully simple question the other day – and I think it speaks volumes.

    As a westerner / American, would you rather be dropped in the middle of Beirut, Lebanon, or the middle of Jeruselum, Israel?

    If you answer Beirut – then you have no sense of the world’s dangers and your views on this war against terrorism are based in dreamscape fantasies of a utopian planet.

    Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria & Iran are enemies of the Western world as well as Israel. Any placating to the ideal that we can ‘reason’ with them through diplomacy is illogical.

    If believing in the defense of our country – and having our allies defend themselves against terrorism and Islamic Facism – engages you to call me a ‘Warmonger’ – I’ll gladly accept your misguided name-calling. I’d rather be mislabled than be a victim of blind utopian fantasy.

  90. Bob says:

    That senile old bag needs to be put out to pasture. I’m sure she can find a job at Al-Jazeera.

  91. CAROLINE says:

    TomnBeverly – thank you. I live in New York and I wish yours could be required reading for all.
    To answer your 9/11 commission question – Jamie Gorlick (co-president Hillary’s pick) was on board. Here’s the reason our President rocks (meaning we really like him) – he digs away the wall Gorlick was allowed to build under Clinton preventing communication between CIA and FBI. We now have the Patriot Act. President Bush has had to correct everything Clinton (“I wasn’t the best President but i had the most fun”)had erroneously
    administered. Don’t even get me started on Juanita Brodderick. He also held me up at a nat’l airport while he and Sharon Stone – i don’t know – must have been playing cards.
    The list is endless as to how destructive Clinton’s years hurt us and we’ll be paying for the next 50 years. Bill pardoned FALN terrorists so that Hillary could receive the Hispanic vote here in NY and eventually become our absentee senator.
    Clinton’s embarrassing North Korean peace plan and selling out to China for his beloved library are working like a gem.
    Oh and one more thing…i think osama might be dead and the 72 virgins awaiting look like Helen Thomas.
    God Bless this country and our President!!

  92. Rob says:

    It is amazing to me that Helen really does not have a substantive question. She is arguing a premise. Is that really a useful position for a journalist? It is entertaining, but it is not at all what a free press should be participating in. Helen Thomas has now positioned herself in a way where she cannot credibly evaluate this administration. She is an obvious adversary and has no place in this venue. We the people are greatly dis served by this wild play of ideological ‘gotcha’. If there were things to learn about this administration, questions that probe and reveal, Helen Thomas has ruined the ability and credibility of a free press to discover it.

  93. Repubswillruleforever says:

    Anjin, you are probably a camel f%%ker anyway. Attention to any Christians or Jews out there. Starting today, make life as miserable for any arab or persian or any one who looks like they would sympathize with the “devil”. ( islam ).

  94. LousyNventR says:

    What I don’t get is the EXTREME polarity of our 2 party system. I did not like Clinton. I really did not like Hillary trying t push through national helath care. And of course the Kicker was Monica. Not that all of our past presidents have been pure as driven snow, but Monica was the ONE he finally got caught with. Looking back one can see a pattern of behavior all the way back to ARK.
    Having said all that, going into Bosnia wasn’t an INSANE,OUT OF THIS WORLD idea, there was a horrific slaughter going on. Perhaps I didn’t like Pres. Clinton’s domestic policies, but going to Bosnia wan’t OUT of the realm of possiblility. It was his judgement call. My understanding of Somolia is that Black Hawk down can be laid almost directly at the feet of the UN Team that ran UNSOM II (the UN project to creat peace in Somolia). Again, we were there because we are who we are. Was the case hopeless, probably. Should we have gotten out of there sooner, sure. But it wasn’t something from the Twilight Zone to imagine that Pres. Clinton had difficult choices to make.

    What I DON’T understand is how so many on the left can’t see a SINGLE reason for us to Iraq OR for us to behind our ally Isreal?!?!

    Forget the Saddam – 9/11 connection, did not Saddam himself offer $20,000 US to the families of suiciede bombers to encourage terrorism angainst us and Isreal? Did the man not have massive prisons for the children of his enemies? Did he not have rape rooms for the torture of his prosoners and the ammusement of his guards? If he didnt have WMDs, didnt he put on a pretty good bluff to the world implying that he did have them?

    So what makes it SO outrageaous to conclude that this dude is serious bad news and possibly the best thing for America is to attack him before he could really hurt us?

    What makes it so unbelievable that Isreal would get tired of being sniped at, bombed, threatened after 30 some years? Are they perfect, no. But if you keep hitting an animal with a stick, most people wouldn’t be surprised if that animal finally bit you.

    I guess I don’t see why my fellow Americans,not the leaders of groups or interests, but Joe Shmoe Democrat, cant at least admit that, while, maybe, they wished it could have been done differently, these last 6 years arent THAT unreasonable.

  95. Adam says:

    “BTW anjin-san, have you learned the difference between ‘imply’ and ‘infer’ yet?”

    He did not use it incorrectly, depending on what he meant. The way it was used, he said that the veterans there never believed he was un-American based on his beliefs. The way you claim it should have been used, he meant that they didn’t say anything hinting that they thought he was un-American. Either word could have fit there, but again, it depends on what he meant to say.

    “So what makes it SO outrageous to conclude that this dude is serious bad news and possibly the best thing for America is to attack him before he could really hurt us?”

    Nobody is sad that Saddam Hussein is gone. That was never the issue. The concern is instability in Iraq and the idea that the U.S. is supposed to be the world’s policeman – exactly what Bush said we SHOULDN’T be when running for his first term. All the Republican criticism for Clinton’s Bosnia actions, all the things they said he did wrong, they actually supported during this campaign. The two parties each said opposite things less than a decade apart. It’s ridiculous.

    This entire comment section is disappointing. Disagreeing with the president does not constitute support for terrorists. Disagreeing with the means does not constitute disagreeing with the ends. Disagreeing with specific Bush policies does not constitute liberalism. I mean, when did small-government advocates start wanting to send our military to protect OTHER countries? Some comments made about Islam, about the Middle East, about Democrats…straw man arguments, left and right. The idea that a woman who asks difficult questions is an enemy is naive and simplistic.

    Get a hold of yourselves. Act like adults.

  96. Noelie says:

    good cop/bad cop Adam..that is all you are to anjin.. I won’t add the san. Too much honor you see.

    You need to go back through. He did not use those words correctly
    You need to check your facts at the door
    Fact is there was NEVER the UGLY and STUPID remarks about Clinton over Bosnia. Those of us that wondered why IN LIGHT Only of the leftist idiocy of Iraq why on earth BOSNIA that had never did anything to hurt the US and never would NOT EVEN AID to terrorists.. or threats of WMD… which I fully expect you to whine any minute there aren’t any of. Your agenda is clear.. just like the useless anjin.

    We wondered why OUR military had to be ordered around by the useless UN. WE still wonder what they get out of it besides the death and destruction of Christians.

    If you are going to play the whiny “I am so much better than you crap” with the good cop bad cop routine with your buddy anjin.. do a better job.

    Mote in the old eye time buddy.. and since I am sure you are the left.. that idea is ***gasp*** in the Bible.

  97. Flit Andersen says:

    I KNEW I was going to like the Snow appointment. I was a little concerned that siccing him on this low-wattage press corps was tantamount to smacking flies with a hammer, but who cares? It’s great theater.

    I was rather astonished to see one of the posters, a “anjin-san” who STILL thinks Clinton’s impeachment was about a President “getting a little nookie” (for the record, it was a blowjob, not “nookie”) instead of committing perjury, and that Clinton actually gave a shit about terrorism when anyone who knows anything knows he couldn’t have cared less once his focus group told him the public didn’t care about it.

    The adult thing to do would have been to come to the people and explain why they SHOULD care about it. Instead, “Slick” punted and went for another BJ. Once while Arafat was forced to cool his heels down in the Rose garden, and another time while he was on the phone discussing sending our boys to Bosnia with a Congressman.

    Oh yeah. Clinton really cared.


  98. directorblue says:

    Helen’s skin looks so good for her age… I wonder what her secret is? Formaldehyde? Oops. Did I say that out loud? So much for stream-of-consciousness blogging…

    Helen Thomas takes on the Arab Street

  99. JLawson says:

    Directorblue –

    Her secret? Bondo, and wet-sanding with 400 grit abrasives!

  100. Don says:

    All the Republican criticism for Clintonâ??s Bosnia actions, all the things they said he did wrong, they actually supported during this campaign.

    Going into Bosnia and later Kosovo was not in the interests of the US. And, in fact, our action there carried risks of serious conflict with the Russians. Further, Clinton’s 60,000 ft bombing campaign showed the terrorists of the world that the US was unwilling to risk lives in war, a disasterous message. And, in Kosovo, we were aiding and abetting the Muslim terrorists of the KLA.

    Post-9/11, it is clear we have to take a serious stand against Islamic terror, and our invasion of Iraq is part of that effort. Perhaps it was a mistake, but I haven’t seen the Democrats come out with viable alternatives.

  101. Scott says:

    He got her again today (6/20)!

  102. jummy says:

    it’ll be funny when there’s a democrat in office again. helen thomas can continue her “brave speaking of truth to power” allong much the same lines she walked in the clinton years, with probing questions like, “to what does our glorious and exhalted leader attribute his intellectual perfection and sexual acumen?”

  103. Mark says:

    Since when did concern and revulsion about bombing innocent civilians become only a terrorist group’s view?

    Since when?

    Tony Snow’s behavior toward Helen Thomas, as crass as she allows herself to be, was not certainly not the kind of dignified, thoughtful, mature behavior we need at the level of our Government.

  104. jan says:

    Helen Thomas is the entertainment, in other words the class clown, so can we veto her from coming to serious gatherings, especially when world peace is at stake? give her hell, Tony, its overdue.

  105. Mark says:

    Since when does concern and abhorrence about bombing innocent civilians represent a terrorist group’s point of view?

    Since when?

    Helen Thomas may be crass, but Mr. Snow’s response to her was simply not the kind of mature response we need from our government right now – entertaining, perhaps, but not helpful.

    I am a concerned that in the midst of all of the Right blasting Left, Left blasting Right, that we are losing our humanity.

    Go ahead, make fun of this post if you want. But, ideology aside, I am very concerned about the innocent people who are being caught up in all of this warring madness, whether it be the military stupidity of Hezbollah, the military over response of Israel, the crassness of an older woman reporter, or the smart-ass glib answer from a press secretary who thinks it’s cute to speak that way.

  106. Mark says:

    Well, obviously I’m pretty computer illiterate in that my posts both ended up appearing . . .

    I thought the one hadn’t gone through. Double the chance to make fun of for those of you who wish.

  107. Brian says:

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed that Tony Snow treats the Washington Press like they are little children on a playground and he’s the principal? I would comment that Mr. Snow should a)not be president b)not be in any position that my tax dollars support until he learns manners in public speaking c)not forget that the best way to quell incorrect (even ignorant) statements is not to simply speak louder with a more condescending tone and d)not forget where he came from. President Bush can talk to reporters however he chooses, but Snow must realize that he is the face of the Executive to the nation and his pompous attitude reflects poorly on him.

  108. Adam says:

    “He did not use those words correctly”

    Oh, good argument. I provide definitions and you say “no, you’re wrong.” I’m not sure how to argue with that.

    “Your agenda is clear.. just like the useless anjin.”

    Really? And what agenda might that be? Please, tell me more about what I believe, O Great Oracle. I’m curious.

    If you can’t make an argument without resorting to insults, your argument is weak.


    Republicans blasted Democrats on policing the world, going in without a clear exit strategy, etc. Democrats defended Clinton. The two switches sides this time around.

    What have the Democrats not come up with viable alternatives to? Iraq? What is it that you’re looking for from them?

  109. Adam says:

    By the way, Noelie, I have to wonder whether you intentionally put all those straw men in your post. I didn’t bother to point them all out.

  110. Suzi says:

    I thought it was awful that she would do what she did. I think Snow was great.

    Thanks for putting it up.

  111. Bildo says:

    Helen Thomas should have been Frisched long ago.
    Count me as another Democrat who’s fed up with over the top hatred from the left.
    “Stupidity is the new Black for you idiots..”
    Blow me.

  112. Don Meaker says:

    Collective punishment: That is what Hezbollah is trying to inf lict on Israelis for the crime of drawing breath.

    Collective Punishment: That is what non-Hezbollah Lebanon’s government deserves for permitting terrorists to carve out part of their territory for the purpose of attacking Israel.

    Death: That is what Hezbollah deserves.

    All civilian casualties are the responsibility of Hezbollah and their owners in Syria and Iran which attacks Israeli civilian areas from civilian areas in Lebanon.

    We should also note that the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are being detained in the Iran embassy in Lebanon. Of course Iran is in a uniquely weak position to protest against violation of embassy rights.

  113. peter debnam says:

    All along you feel to your very core that its important and utterly clear that our side has been maligned, attacked, impugned, threatened, hurt and all without provocation. It’s a clear case of moral character – they have none, or little – their actions have condemned them. We do not need to ask how to describe our own character, or its goals, we need only to ask ourselves – searchingly – how can we live up to them? In the pain – how can we honor these ideals?

    As the images of, for its emotive example, dead children, start to seep through we toughen ourselves, because nothing has changed and – in fact – these regrettable deaths are perhaps a sign of how they manipulate us, or weaken us. If we weaken, they will win. So we, rightly, remembering their lowness, look skeptically at their claims. They would kill our children if they could, or worse.

    As our focus grows, and our resolve hardens we can see clearly that their resolve is implacable, and has been all along but we didn’t see it clearly. The options narrow. We cannot live in the same territory. Even, perhaps, a shared border is no guarantee of safety.

    The options narrow. Room to live at peace, un-harmed by their implacable hate. And us, unsullied by the traitor within, who will not listen to reason, and will make us unsafe. For us, for people like us – we will need room to live.

    Did we go a little far? Sometimes. But we were provoked.

  114. xgeronimo says:

    Most Americans don’t get it (Thanks to FOX news and other propaganda tools). For Arab world this war is not about “democracy” or “fight against terror”.
    It is about national pride and the right for self-determination.
    Read more on my blogspot “GREED vs HONOR. Who is going to win?”