There are several links topping WaPo‘s website all referring to the major snowstorm that hit over the weekend and continues to wreak havok. The Governor of Maryland banned all non-emergency vehicles from the read for a 12 hour period yesterday and Virginia has a travel ban still in place. Virtually everything, from government offices to shopping malls, have shut down. What strikes me as interesting is that this is far more than any terrorist attack has ever done in interrupting our activities. The folks at the Pentagon went back to work within hours of the attack on 9/11, despite having a jumbo jet crashing into one side of the building. The Beltway Sniper caused a lot of anxiety and chatter around the area but everyone kept going to work and otherwise lived their lives as normal. Terrorist attacks are obviously quite tragic, especially for those directly effected. But on a larger scale, terrorists have relatively little power over us.

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James Joyner
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