Speaking of Cursing…

Since I broached the general the subject of cursing earlier today, it seemed appropriate to note the following piece from NPR:  It No Longer Takes @#$%& To Use ‘Foul’ Language.

I will say this, though:  while I concur that cojones has a generally coarse connotation, I am not sure that it really falls into the realm of foul language, per se.  Or, at least, if it does, it on the less foul end of the spectrum.  (Or am I wrong?)

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  1. Liandro says:

    I don’t consider it swearing at all.  Then again, I’m an Army guy, so perhaps my tolerance/judgment on this particular issue is off…

  2. sam says:

    I should probably have posted this in the other one, but that dude’s WTF was pitch perfect, even if the surrounding Korean was all Greek to me.