Today in “Unclear on the Concept” (WI Politics Edition)

Said Jeff Harvey, campaign manager for Wisconsin state Senator Randy Hopper:

the recalls of Republicans are being spearheaded by “union bosses who want to handpick new senators who will vote the way union bosses tell them to.”

“They’re attempting to undermine the voters who want to bring fiscal responsibility to Madison,” Harvey said.

Well, while it is the case that recall opponents are clearly hoping to overturn a previous electoral outcome, since a recall is submitted to the voters it is rather unclear to me how this could be cast as an attempt to “undermine the voters.”

Indeed, in terms of possible results of a recall, it is quite possible that a recall process could confirm the GOP’s position.

Of course, Senator Hopper may have other troubles as well, given that at the moment he appears to be residing outside of his district with a woman not his wife (he is currently going through a divorce).

His position of residence is also causing his estranged wife problems:

In light of death threats against Randy Hopper and protests generated by Hopper’s support and the support of other Republicans for the budget repair bill, Alysia Hopper said she wanted the public to know her husband no longer lives with her in Fond du Lac. Several websites have reported that Alysia Hopper approached protesters at her home Saturday and told them her husband no longer resides in the home.

All via fdlreporter:  State Sen. Randy Hopper not residing at Fond du Lac home.

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  1. deathcar2000 says:

    i belive this falls under the “if they aggree with me it’s the will of the people” or “they disagree with me and then therefor are subverting the will of the people”. very trite and ponderous political postering. Jeff Harvey is a misanthropic partisian hack, but a great campaign manager for the soon to be EX-Wisconsin state Senator Randy Hopper. bully

  2. legion says:

    It’s amazing to me that they can cast “union bosses” as unworthy of participating in the process, but plutocrats who don’t even live in the state, getting governors and state reps elected who only do what the plutocrats tell them to is somehow completely legitimate.

    They really do believe being rich makes you morally superior to other people.

  3. Graham says:

    As a citizen of WI, I’m not particularly interested in having my state controlled by union bosses OR plutocrats.

  4. EddieInCA says:

    Um.. Dr. Taylor… You left out the whole fact that the other woman is his “25 year old mistress” who formerly worked as a lobbyist.

    He’s not in his 20’s… or 30’s… or early 40’s….

  5. deathcar2000 says:

    but “union bosses” arent Real Americans(tm). recalling republican state senators is the most un-American(tm) act known. the Will of the people will not be infringed upon be these cowardly “union bosses”.

    if 250k dollars is no-where close to being rich in todays America. . . . but

    51k plus benefits is now being rich. . . .

    ehhh who am i kidding, screw the Poors

  6. wr says:

    To a certain set of Republicans, the only votes that are real votes are the ones that are cast for them. And this is not confined to Wisconsin. They’re trying to disenfranchise Democrats across the country:

    In Connecticut they are trying to take away voting rights from college students specifically because “they vote liberal.”

    In Michigan they are passing a bill that allows the Republican governor to overturn any local election, replace (or elminate) any local elected body and replace it with an administrator or corporation to supervise.

    In Wisconsin they have decided not to count the votes of Democratic senators.

    And yet, what do we hear from the freedom-loving libertarians of OTB about all this? Not even crickets.

  7. Neil Hudelson says:


    I believe there have been multiple posts on OTB about the events in Wisconsin, and very rarely do those posts side with Walker’s decisions.

  8. legion says:

    The point is, the union bosses are _also_ citizens of WI, and have a right to an opinion, just like you. The plutocrats _aren’t_, and just want to take your money & leave.