Wisconsin Unlikely To Go Republican In 2016

Republican hopes that Wisconsin might go Republican this year seem to be slipping away.

Federal Courts Strike Down Voter ID Laws In Wisconsin, North Carolina

Big losses for proponents of Voter ID laws in two swing states.

Clinton, Sanders Neck And Neck In Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are close in Wisconsin, and that’s bad news for Bernie Sanders.

Trump, Cruz Battle Down To The Wire In Wisconsin

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are locked in battle in a primary that could decide whether or not Donald Trump can get a majority of delegates prior to the GOP Convention.

Signs That The Stop Trump Movement Is Working In Wisconsin?

There are some signs of hope out of Wisconsin for those trying to stop Donald Trump.

Scott Walker Looks To Be Preparing To Run For President

Fresh off his third statewide win in four years, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appears to be getting ready to run for President.

There’s Little Evidence That Voter ID Laws Impacted The 2014 Elections

Based on the available evidence, there’s very little evidence that Voter ID laws had a significant impact on the midterm elections.

Scott Walker Wants To Drug Test Welfare Recipients, But It Doesn’t Work, And It’s Unconstitutional

A popular idea that does nothing useful while simultaneously violating the Constitution.

Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin Voter ID Law, But Will Likely Uphold It In The End

Opponents of Voter ID laws should not get too excited over the fact that the Supreme Court has stayed Wisconsin’s law from going into effect for now.

Same-Sex Marriage Goes From 19 States To 29 States In One Week

In the space of one week, we’ve gone from 19 states that recognize same-sex marriage to 29. Soon, it will be 35.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Wisconsin Voter ID Law

An unsurprising decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

7th Circuit Allows Wisconsin Voter ID To Stay In Effect

A set back for opponents of Voter ID in Wisconsin.

Special Prosecutor: Scott Walker Not A Target Of Investigation

It turns out there was much less to that Scott Walker document dump than the press coverage claimed.

New Scott Walker Allegations Have Little Legal Merit, But Could Affect Re-Election Bid

As a legal matter, the new allegations against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker don’t amount to much. But, will they impact his bid for re-election.

Scott Walker Equivocates On Previous Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor isn’t very eager to talk about same-sex marriage these days.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Another legal victory for marriage equality.

New Battleground Polls Show Slight Romney Surge

Romney’s post-debate surge is being picked up in swing state polls, but will it be enough?

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law

The battle over Wisconsin’s public sector union reform continues.

Battleground State Update: Still Advantage Obama

President Obama still has the advantage in the battleground states.

Scott Walker Survives Recall Election In Wisconsin

A contentious political battle that has lasted a year has come to an end.

Recall Elections Are Disruptive And Unnecessary

In an ideal world, today’s Recall Election in Wisconsin would not even be legally possible.

Scott Walker Continues To Lead Wisconsin Recall Polling

Barring an upset, Scott Walker looks likely to survive his recall election tomorrow.

Welcome to Wisconsin (A Division of Koch Industries)

A Welcome to Wisconsin sign with another sign saying “A Division of Koch Industries” is going around Twitter.

Demonstrators converge once again on the Capitol after the state Senate abruptly voted Wednesday night to eliminate collective bargaining provisions. The Assembly is expected to vote on the issue Thursday. Demonstrators converge once again on the Capitol after the state Senate abruptly voted Wednesday night to eliminate collective bargaining provisions. The Assembly is expected to vote on the issue Thursday.

Wisconsin Passes Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

Wisconsin Republicans stripped state employees of collective bargaining rights without the Democratic senators who fled the state to prevent a quorum.

Republicans vs. The Unions

Scott Walker’s attempt to crush the Wisconsin public employee unions may be the first wave in a fight to elect Republican governors in 2012.

Did Scott Walker Violate Ethics Laws in “Koch” Call?

A former Democratic state attorney general thinks Wisconsin’s Republican governor may have violated state ethics laws while on a prank phone call.

Who ‘Contributes’ to Public Workers’ Pensions?

Wisconsin’s taxpayers are paying 100 percent of the cost of the benefits programs for state employees. But the benefits amount to a payment in kind.

Scott Walker Didn’t Campaign On This

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did not campaign on the union-busting package he’s proposing now.

Wisconsin Teachers and Average Pay

Should public schoolteachers make more money than the people paying their salaries?

Wisconsin Police and Firefighters Didn’t Endorse Walker

Of the 314 police and firefighter unions in Wisconsin, only four endorsed Scott Walker.

Quorum Rules

A commenter asks, “Why does Wisconsin have a quorum rule if not for situations like this?”

Elections Have Consequences

Republicans won the right to govern Wisconsin. What does that mean for Democrats?